There are many loan apps available in play store but True Balance app is the fastest growing personal loan app, but many people hesitate to use this app, and they have many doubts about this app. So today we are going to do true balance app review, reading which all doubts about that app will be cleared.

What is True Balance App?

True Balance App is a financial app which provide many service to people like all type of prepaid recharge, postpaid recharge, bill payment and instant online personal loan.

Our personal true balance app review

True balance app provide loan facility also provide bill payment facility that’s why it is not just a loan app, but the owner of this app is promoting true balance app as personal loan application so this app popular among people getting popular as loan application.

True Balance Loan Review

Before reading true balance review, we want to tell you that this is our personal review, and we have given this review after using the app.

This true balance app gives loan from 5000 to 50,000 and loan tenure is 62 days to 116 days. To take a loan from this app only KYC has to be done if your credit score is good then you will get the loan at the same time.

This true balance app provides 3 types of loans first loan is welcome loan (up to 7000 loan), second level up loan (up to 15000) and third maximum loan (up to 50 thousand loan). The three types of loans have different interest rates, tenures and processing fees.

True Balance app offers a wide variety of personal loans as compared to other loan apps. But if we talk about the interest of this app, then the interest rate and processing fee of this app is a bit high.

This app charges interest rate ranging from 5% to 12% monthly. On the other hand, if we talk about other personal loan apps, they also charge almost the same amount of interest.

So we would like to advise you to take loans from these apps if you need money in an emergency, otherwise avoid those types of loans which have high interest, high processing fees and high late fee charges.

We read true balance loan review on play store that someone took a loan from this app after that they delayed the EMI then they had to pay extra charges of Rs.7,000 on a loan amount of Rs.10,000.

So we have come to the conclusion that if you need emergency loan then it will give you instant loan but if you are eligible to take loan from any government or private bank then you should take loan from those banks because their interest rate and other charges are low.

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True Balance App Bill Payment Review

True balance provides all type of bill payment like, DTH, prepaid-postpaid mobile recharge, electricity, water, LPG etc. and we are personally using this app for bill payment as it is bill payment card within seconds and payment can be made through UPI, debit-credit card, net banking methods in the app.


After doing true balance review, we are considering all the negative and positive points of True Balance App, and we have come to the conclusion that True Balance is a genuine app and this app provides loans to all people.

We would like to advise you on the interest amount and other charges of this app that if you are not in emergency then do not take loan from this app because this app has high interest rate and high penalty charges. If you are facing any problem related to this app then you can contact to true balance loan customer care at (0120)-4001028.


true balance app is safe or not?

True Balance app has been developed by the same company which has also developed famous apps like Truecaller. Presently there are lakhs of people using trucaller app, and it has made its own identity in the market that’s why such rebranded company should not varnish its brand name by making fake app and true balance app is approved by RBI. So in the end we can say that you can use this app without any hesitation and this app is safe.

What is True Balance Customer Care Number and true balance mail ID?

True balance app customer care number is (0120)-4001028 and true balance mail id is [email protected]

Is True Balance RBI registered?

Yes, True Balance App is RBI registered.

What will happen if true balance loan not paid?

If you do not pay the loan taken from True Balance app, then your CIBIL score will decrease. Due to which you may face problem in taking loan again.

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