Nowadays, everyone uses mobile in their daily life, but very few people know about earn money online without investment. On the other hand, there are also some people who are earning money every day from mobile, that’s why today we will tell you some ways to earn money .

How to Earn Money Online without Investment in Mobile 2023 : Best 19 Ways

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile

Youtube Videos

YouTube is something which is easily available on mobile, phones, and laptops. YouTube does not ask for any investment when it comes to making interesting videos on YouTube. The popularity of YouTube videos depends on the skills of a person.

How to earn money online free from YouTube

First, create your channel on YouTube. Give a suitable name to your channel and select the niche you want according to your skills. Create attractive videos and post them according to the YouTube format. If any creator has 4000 watch hours in their channel with more than a thousand subscribers, so they will get AdSense on YouTube. Getting AdSense is an important way to get earns money on YouTube.

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Become a Blogger

Blogging gives people the opportunity to write in a diary style. People can choose a niche for their blogging according to their preference, but the quality of the blog is something that matters to earning online without making any investment.

How to Make Money Online by Doing Blogging

First, create your blog website, where you will post your blog according to your blog niche. Buy a domain, then host a blog on blogger or WordPress. The website needs monetization to earn money. Offer advertising on your blog after making your blog popular with the help of quality content. Do affiliate marketing and offer different products By which you can earn money from blogging.

Reselling Products using apps

Resellers play a part between the company and buyers. Reselling includes purchasing a product not for consumption, but for selling. Making an investment in order to profit from it is not required in this case.

How earn money online free by reselling products

The most popular way of reselling a product is to choose a product that has good demand in the market, buy that product directly from the manufacturer, and sell it online at a higher price for profit. Apps of mobile like ResellMe, meesho, glowroad, OLX, and Meesho is good option to choose to sell the products. Create an account in these apps, and choose the product which you want to sell. Sell, and set your prices for your products.

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image taken from glowroad app

Selling E Books in Mobile

The electronic book is like any other normal book, but not in real form. They are present digitally, and people can read them using their phones or laptops. People also use digital platforms for writing e-books, and writing them digitally is easier. People can also sell their books online as they do offline.

How to make money online without investment by selling e-books

First, write your book in the proper format by using different free book writing tools, like Microsoft Word or much more from the Internet. Choose the topic wisely to earn, actually. When the book is ready, make your website, and generate an audience on the website to make the e-book famous.

You can sell your books on Google Play Store, Amazon, instamojo Smash words and Payship type of apps and websites by using mobile phone, which will post your book on their platform, so anyone can purchase it easily.

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Becoming an Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is someone who works for one insurance company and sells their insurance to needy people. This work does not need any investment to earn money. Life insurance type is the most popular field to earn.

How to earn money from becoming an insurance agent in mobile

First, choose a right and the already popular insurance app or website. Digit, Star power, bank sathi, partner, and insurance splash are some of the popular apps and websites Choose the insurance you want to sell, like health. Chat directly with buyers and track the development with the help of these apps. The more you sell, the more you get bounce and commission from the company.

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Freelancing is the most popular work nowadays because it does not ask for any investment and gives you money according to your skills. If you are good at any specific thing, like writing, photography, editing, and much more, you can go for freelancing Here people provide their services to different clients who like to provide work.

how to make money by becoming freelancer

First, choose your skill, and then make that skill more perfect than any other person. Different platforms are available which give clients, like truelancer, freelancer, Fiver, Upwork, and many more social media platforms.

Create your profile on these platforms then create your gig where you give information about your service and the prices you want. Upwork also asks for detail and prices. You can pitch clients there and if they kike your service and price, so they will contact you automatically and You can also operate all these freelancing apps and website from mobile.

Refer and Earn Apps

Different online money earning app are available, which give money to the users who invite their friends on that platform. It’s a good way to earn money. Not a single app for investment for this earning work.

How to make money online without investment by using refer 7 earn apps

Choose real money earning apps without investment, like gaming apps or any educational apps that give money for referring a friend. Go for apps, rummy apps, ludo, Upstox, Google Pay, Amazon pay, winzo, snake and ladder and more, which not only give money but also give some bounce sometimes.

Create an account on that platform, and copy your QR code. Post that code on different social media platformers and tell the benefit of choosing that app. You can also take help from your friends in it.

Earn Money from dropshipping

Creating your store ask for lots of money, especially when it comes to managing the whole store. Now people can create their own products business only and earn money without investing in any single thing, not even for delivery. Drop-shipping gives people different products, like makeup product to sell, and people acted like an agent who tries to sell the product, and if the product gets sold, so they will get a commission for it.

how to make money online by doing dropshipping

Choose a company that gives work of drop-shipping. VidaXL is the most popular to provide drop-shipping work, Trade India, Shopify, and Indian Mart type of platforms you can try to do drop-shipping. Choose the product which has value in the market. Sell those products on websites and Instagram accounts. Handle calls of customers for queries, and when the company gets paid for selling, so you will get profit from this selling and the best part is, You can easily do dropshipping business from mobile or you can work from laptop.


Photography talent is a skill of any person. If someone does not want to make an investment for earning money in this field or for learning more about photography freelancing and some internships is the best choice for them. There are many platforms like iStock, Photos India, Picxy, Shutterstock, Snapwire, Stocksy, where you can earn money everyday by selling photos by using mobile.

how to earn money online free by doing photography in mobile

First, if you want to know more about photography, so work as an assistant with the photographer. After this, sell your best click on stock sites. Sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Stocky, post your premium quality photos on their websites, and if someone purchases or download them, you will get bid for it.

These websites also provide contests. Create your portfolio with your best sample, and contact the clients.

affiliate marketing

Thousands of rupees can be earned by doing affiliate marketing using mobile or laptop. In affiliate marketing, people earn by selling products or services but for this, they have to purchase the product or service first. People have to promote their company’s products or services, and they will get commissions or bonuses from the company from it.

how to earn money online without investment by doing affiliate marketing

When any person joins the company online for affiliate marketing, their main work is only to sell the product or service of that company. You can go to companies like Amazon affiliate, Shopify, eBay, ClickBank, Flipkart affiliate, and to start your paid affiliate marketing journey. You can also sell with the help of already popular influencers, bloggers, emails, popular websites, or microsites.

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selling online courses

Everyone has some skills, which make them special from others, like some have good knowledge of computers, dance or singing. They can use these skills to earn money because if you have skills, so you don’t need to invest. People can make their courses and can sell them online.

How to earn money from selling online courses

First, chose the subject which you want to teach your students. Make a proper list of subjects which you’re going to teach in every session. Make your course and fill in all detail on that course, like the course on social media marketing. It depends on you what kind of course you want to make but once you create the course you can easily sell the course using mobile.

you can sell courses on platforms like sales funnel, WordPress LMS, udemy, LaernDash or collaborate with any app like Skillshare.

Playing Ludo Games

Ludo is the favorite game of many people to play with friends and family since childhood, the rules of playing this game are known to all. Now you can easily earn money from mobile along with having fun by playing Ludo game.

How to earn money in Ludo game

First choose an app, which does not ask for investment to play ludo, like winzo, ludo gold, Ludo Paisa, Gamez, elite ludo and much more. Download those apps, and you will get some bonuses, use those bonuses to invest in-game, and if you win the game, so you will get double the amount. People can also choose the refer and earn option in the ludo app, which is completely free in all types of ludo earnings apps.

earn money online free

Solving Captcha

Weird shapes and numbers who get appeared mostly when some signup is known as Captcha. It’s for deciding that person is not a robot, but you know what you can earn from this too. Many websites like captcha typers and mega typers which give the job of filling captcha from mobile.

how to make money online by doing Captcha work

Most of the websites pay when someone completes the target of doing 1000 Captchas. Go for websites like Mega Typers, Captcha typers, ProTypers, Qlinkgroup and create your account on a website, and they will give you a target to complete, and when you complete that target, so you will receive some money in your account, and you will also get a new target. People can earn money around 8000-16000 thousand per month from Captcha solve.

fill captcha and earn paytm cash app

completing surveys

When any company launches their product in the market, like a beauty product, so they want people’s reviews about that product, so they improve. Surveys include some basic questions sometimes, like about any product, like beauty, study, or any other. Some also ask questions related to daily life and give money for it.

How to earn money from completing surveys

First download survey app in your mobile, which is trusted and gives a good amount of money, even for attempting, like toluna survey, Xcel online, View fruit, Opinion world, ysense, and PrizeRebbel. Create the account, and attempt the surveys which they give you.

Answer each survey patiently, and always remember what you answer in previous surveys because sometimes they also ask tricky questions. When you complete the survey, so you will get a particular amount for that survey, like 20 Rs per survey.

make money online without investment

solving math problems

If you are good at math and looking for platforms where you can earn money, but by USING YOUR SKILLS. Different students have their problems related to math, you can help them to solve them and can earn money from it. Different types of math tutor apps are available for mobile, by using which money can be earned.

How to earn money from solving math

First choose the right platform, like or Upwork, preply,, math cash app, and much more. The most common thing about these types of apps is they hire people as a tutor for subjects like math. People can not only help in solving some specific questions, but they can also teach the way of solving them. Some apps also ask for specific qualifications’ in math, but not all.  When they start liking your solved questions, so you will get paid for it.


Social Media

Nowadays, many people use social media for entertainment and chatting with friends, but there will be very few people who will know about earning money from social media. On the other hand, there are some people who are earning lakhs of rupees without investing by using social media platforms. There are some options in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, short video making apps, using which money can be earned and All the social media apps on the internet have their own mobile apps, which you can use from mobile.

how to earn money with social media

After creating a group on a particular niche on whatever social media platforms you like, you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing in it. Apart from this, people who have more followers on social media platforms, they keep getting paid sponsorship by companies and there are many people who are earning good money by selling services and products on social media.

Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites

There are many websites on the internet that give Paytm cash. Different types of tasks are given on all these websites, such as watching videos, completing paid surveys, playing online games, etc. If you successfully complete all these tasks, then free Paytm cash or gift vouchers are given as a reward.

how to earn money with Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites

There are many such websites on the internet like KamateRaho, EarnKaro, PayBag Website, cashngifts etc. which can be used to earn free Paytm cash. After opening any Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites, create an account in it, then you can earn money by completing different tasks there and you can use all these websites on mobile’s Chrome browser.

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play real money games in india & get paytm cash

There are many best earning app are available on the Google Play Store that pay for playing games. Different types of games are available to play on all these apps, from which money can be earned every day along with entertainment. For example, Greward, Cash Ok, Earn Real Cash Games, Happy Box are many such apps through which money can be earned by playing games.

How to earn money online free by playing games

In the Earning Game App, first you have to sign up by giving your correct information, then there will be many games available on which some points are given on playing, which can be sent to Paytm Wallet or Bank Account.

To earn money by playing games, we have given the link below, by reading which you can get information about all these apps.

best paytm cash earning games without investment

selling data from mobile

There are apps on the internet that pay for selling internet data. If your internet data is saved due to not being used much, then you can earn money everyday by selling internet data using these apps.

how to earn money by selling data from mobile

To earn money by selling data from mobile, first you have to download an app named honey bee, after downloading, create your account in the app. After creating the account, it will use some of your internet data, in return it will give you money in the form of dollars.


Friends, today we will tell you the real ways to make money from home for free in which you will not need to invest but you must have mobile to work. We keep updating the ways to earn money mentioned in this post with time, so if you want to make money online without investment then keep visiting our blog.


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