Nowadays, many people entertain themselves by watching short videos on YouTube, But very few people knows to earn money from youtube shorts videos of 60 seconds. That’s why today we are going to tell such genuine ways, using which you can earn money without investment every day from YouTube short videos. You can easily earn thousands, rupees in a month by using youtube shorts monetization or using the methods mentioned below.

how to Earn Money from Youtube Shorts

what is youtube short video?

Making short videos up to 60 seconds using the YouTube short video feature, it can be published on YouTube then money can be earned from these short videos.

How to Earn Money from Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts Monetization

Some time ago, YouTube has also given the feature of youtube shorts monetization, so that you can earn money by connecting YouTube short videos to Adsense, but some terms and conditions have been applied on monetizing short videos. If you fulfill these terms and conditions, then you can earn money by connecting google AdSense to youtube short videos.

Below are the terms and conditions for youtube shorts monetization.

  • youtube short channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and watch time of 4000 hours.
  • There should not be a copyright strike on the video, which means you have to make original short video only.
  • Google’s advertising on your short video will be visible only when a user views your short video by opening the notification or watching your YouTube short video by opening it directly. On the other hand, if someone randomly watches your YouTube short video, then you will not get the money for that short video.

Affiliate Marketing in youtube shorts

If you do not have knowledge of affiliate marketing, then we want to tell you that many e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart gives affiliate links to their products. If you sell the products of these companies using the affiliate link, then in return you will get some commission, which can later be sent to the bank account. In the same way, you can make youtube shorts videos related to different products and place an affiliate link of the product in it, from which you can earn money from youtube shorts. 

Take Sponsorship from Youtube Shorts

Currently, many companies resort to services like youtuber, blogger, Google Ads, Facebook ads etc. to promote their products. Now, many companies are contacting youtube short video creators to promote their product. That’s why if you make YouTube short videos, then upload videos of such niche on your channel, so that you can get maximum sponsorship. For example, android apps, mobile, technology, products are related in many niches in which different companies want to sponsor their products and in return they spend up to lakhs of rupees.

Make money on YouTube by promoting your own products

If you are already doing business or thinking of starting a business, then YouTube short videos can help in increasing your business, so that you can promote your products or services through YouTube short videos without investing any money. For this, you can create your own website or app, then through YouTube short videos, you can ask people to shop there.

Earn money by selling youtube short channel

As you know, that channel with YouTube shorts videos grows very quickly. If you work well on YouTube short video channel, then thousands of subscribers and views can be gained on the channel within 4 to 5 months. If you grow 10 to 15 channels with short videos within 4 to 5 months, then you can sell these channels in Facebook group or other selling groups for Rs10,000 to lakhs. The more views and subscribers you have on your YouTube short videos, the more expensive you can sell YouTube channels.

Earn Extra Money by Sending Traffic to Your Website or Mobile App

If you have a website or mobile app, in which you are earning through an ad network, then you can easily send traffic to your mobile app or website using YouTube short videos. For this, you have to create a YouTube short video channel related to the niche of your website or app, so that you can send the target audience to your website or app using youtube short video. By doing this, traffic will increase on your website or app, as you will be able to earn more.

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Earn Money with Youtube Shorts Funds

To support YouTube short videos’ creator, YouTube has started youtube shorts funds. In which thousands of dollars will be given by YouTube as a reward to the creators who make original and best videos, so that the creators of short videos will also be able to earn money from YouTube short. But to get YouTube Shorts Fund, it is necessary to follow the guidelines made by YouTube. For more information about YouTube Short Video Fund, you visit the official website of Google.

YouTube video

Keep some important things in mind to earn money from youtube short videos

  • Although it is very easy to create a short video channel on YouTube, but before creating a YouTube short video channel, if you take care of the following things, then your channel will grow very quickly.
  • Before creating a YouTube channel, select your niche, such as if you want to do affiliate marketing using YouTube short videos, then create a short video channel related to products.
  • If you want to connect Google Adsense on YouTube short video, then upload original content in it, for this you can use your favorite niche.
  • If you want to earn money by taking sponsorship from different brands, then choose a niche related to technology, products or other services.
  • In this way, you can easily earn money by growing your YouTube short video channel by choosing a specific niche.



Friends, today we tell you simple ways to earn money from YouTube shorts, using which any person can start a successful YouTube short video channel. We would like to advise that to earn money from short videos, upload original and good Quality youtube short videos, so that you can also earn money by connecting Adsense.

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