In today’s time, everyone wants to earn extra money, but due to lack of information, people are not able to earn extra money. That’s why today we are going to tell best quiz apps to make money, using which you can earn money & win money online while having fun and the best thing about all these earning app is that you will not need to make any kind of investment in it.

Best Quiz Money Earning App without Investment

SRnoBest Quiz Money Earning App name
2Trivia Earn- Okay Quiz and Redeem
4Quizee earn money earning app
5Bujho to Jane
6Brain Baaz
7Live Quiz Games App, Trivia
8MChamp Trivia Quiz
9QPL- Play Quiz and Earn Money
10Quizizz: Play to learn
13iG Quizzes app


It’s a popular Indian quiz money earning app In which there is no need to make any kind of investment to earn money. It gives the option of choosing your language to play quizzes, like Hindi or English. It includes the different topics to attempt as a quiz. People can withdraw their winnings easily in free Paytm cash or UPI.

Benefits of using Equiz app

People can earn & win money online by giving the right answers to quizzes, and they can also win money by participating in a daily contest which includes more than 500rs quiz to win prizes. In refer and earn program, people get 50 Rs per registered referral. People can also track their progress in it and can compare their wallets to others.

quiz money earning app

Trivia Earn- Okay Quiz and Redeem

You will not need to do any kind of investment to earn money from Trivia Earn App. Only some questions will be asked to you, on which you can earn money by answering correctly. Trivia Earn is an app which provides quizzes on different topics, like food, lifestyle, and daily activities. More than 50 quiz topics are available in this app. People can win their favorite quizzes or contestant, and they will get some rewards for it.

Benefits of using Trivia Earn app

The app not only provides a particular amount of quizzes but allows choosing the quiz according to their preference, which increases the chance of winning. When players visit the app daily, so they complete a streak which gives them some credit, and they can use those credits as money. Options for getting brand vouchers and gift cards are also available when someone wins the game, and need of investment is also not necessary in this.

play quiz and earn money


qureka is the best money earning apps in 2022 Because thousands of people are using this app and all those people have given good rating to the app on play store. It provides live quizzes to their users and this app can be used in many different languages like Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada, Bengali, and more. It comes in the top quiz game all over India. More than 25 categories of quizzes are available in this app.

Benefits of using Qureka app

In this real money app people can easily earn money by playing quiz game without any investment, and they can withdraw it when they reach a minimum of 50 Rs. People can also play with their friends and earn some amazing gifts with the help of Refer and Earn program in the app. People can win more than 1 lakh Qureka coins in this app.

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Quizee earn money earning app

It’s a trusted quiz money earning apps in India. It does not only give the quiz to earn money, but options like surveys and games are also available in this. Simple categories, like food, cricket, and movies are available in the quiz app. It gives a chance to earn more than a thousand on daily basis.

Benefits of using Quizee app

People can earn Quizee coins after winning any quiz and then turn those coins into real money. When you refer the app to a friend, so you will get a 10% lifetime commission from it. People can also earn from games, attempt quizzes, or even just watch some videos in the app. The money earned from this app can be easily withdrawn as free Paytm money or Paypal account.

WhatsApp Image 2022 10 15 at 11.33.56

Bujho to Jane

It’s the biggest quiz money earning apps in India. The quiz is related to different subjects in the app. The app not only gives money but also helps in enhancing the overall knowledge of a person.

Benefits of using Bujho to Jane app

People will get an instant bonus just after downloading and creating an account. If you answer quickly, your earnings become more daily in very less time. People also get some amazing cash prizes, if they refer their friends to the quiz app, and they also get a commission for it.

WhatsApp Image 2022 10 15 at 11.39.58

Brain Baaz

Brain Baaz is the popular play quiz and earn money app, which gives an opportunity to earn money & win money online without any investment and this app includes tricky quizzes, which can make any person’s brain confused. It includes quizzes on topics, like Logo quizzes, guesses the flag, Hindi riddles, and much more. People can also make different friends in this app while playing multiple games with them.

Benefits of using Brain Baaz app

People get diamonds after earning in any quiz game, and they can use this diamond to turn into real money or buy some things with an offer on the same app, like an offer of Paytm cashback. Different contestants are available daily for winning daily huge rewards in the app. People will play in contests live, or they can also invite their friends to join the game they are playing.

free money earning app

Live Quiz Games App

This is the best free money earning app, in which you can easily earn money by playing exciting quizzes. The app provides quizzes, and you will not need to do any kind of investment to earn money in this app. This is already popular, so people can answer the questions easily. A live quiz option is also available in this app. Games like bingo are available to play for free and to earn a real cash reward. Millions of players are already registered with this app. The interface of the app is very attractive than any other quiz app.

money earning apps in india

Benefits of using Live Quiz Games App

This quiz money earning app provide fun quiz & bingo game using which you can easily earn money. The game also provides cheat codes daily to players. An instant withdrawal option is also available. People can more than 54 thousand in the app by just giving the right answers than any other player.

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MChamp Trivia Quiz

 This free money earning app gives quizzes, which are easy to solve, and gives entertainment. The quiz also gives knowledge to the users with earnings. More than 100 topics are available in the app, and it includes topics like Bollywood, food, and lifestyle.

 Why we choose MChamp Trivia App

With this best online earning app, you can play video quiz with celebrities., which makes the app more special. Different games are also available with quizzes to earn money in the app without doing any investment. People can also participate in quiz tournaments and can win more than 5k diamonds from one tournament. They can use those diamonds as money after redeem.

quiz win money online

QPL- Play Quiz and Earn Money

 This is the best play quiz and earn money app, in which easy quizzes are available to play and this free money earning app helps to improve knowledge about different topics, like music. It provides different types of quizzes, like GK base quizzes, true-false, and much more. It gives Knowledge about different fields by giving money for attempting the different quizzes in the app.

Why we choose this App

Daily quizzes are available in this free money app, and the app is popular all over the world for giving education with money. People also get a 10% commission after referring the app to their family or friends. People can earn more than 1000 Rs daily from the app. The app does not ask for any investment too.

play quiz and earn money

Quizizz: Play to learn

This play game earn money app provides quizzes based on subjects, like math, English, Hindi, and more. It mostly provides MCQ-based questions to its users. This app does not give much money but helps in increasing the knowledge about subjects.

Benefits of using Quizizz app

There is no need to spend money to earn money in this play quiz earn money app, and people get some specific amount after winning each subject quiz. People can also make their quizzes in it and can share them with their friends. They can also share their good results of quizzes on social media. The app mainly focuses on increasing the knowledge of a person.

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It’s another top quiz earning app in India. It not only provides different categories of queezes, but also gives interesting riddles to the people. People can redeem their winnings easily and instantly in their Paytm account. Different other options are also available in the app for more winnings.

Benefits of using BakBuck app

People can win cash in the app by playing some simple quizzes, solving interesting riddles, by playing some easy games in this free money app. People can also participate in singling or dancing like completion to increase their winnings. Investing is not compulsory in this, but people can invest if they believe in them self for bigger winnings.

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Tashbucks include different interesting tasks and online quiz to earn money. People can also play quizzes and games to earn some coins, and they can turn those coins into real money or can use them to buy vouchers for zomato or any other brand.

Why we choose Taskbucks App

People can win more than 10000 in this app by just attempting games, playing quizzes, or completing some tasks of bigger brands like Cadbury. Each task and quiz contains some particular amount of coins. People get 10 after completing some small 5 tasks. When someone invites their friends, so they will get vouchers of some popular brands in the apps. The other thing which make app special is there is no need to do investment in it.

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iG Quizzes app

In this quiz earning app, you can earn money everyday by doing random quiz, captcha work, using spin to win and playing games without any investment. This quiz earn money app has been launched few months ago, so not much people have downloaded this app, but we have used this app personally and this app is giving a chance to earn money by completing different tasks.

why we choose iG Quizzes app

In this app, apart from playing quiz, you can earn money by doing many different tasks, and you can also play 25 different types of money making games. Apart from this, the Refer and Earn option is available in the app, using which you can earn up to ₹ 50 per referral.

WhatsApp Image 2022 10 15 at 12.14.15

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Friends, today we discuss the best play quiz and earn money apps in which no investment will be required to earn money online. Refer and earn option is also available in the apps mentioned by us, so that apart from playing quiz games, money can also be earned by referring people. If you are facing any kind of problem in the quiz app mentioned by us, then you can ask us by commenting below.

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