If you want to earn free paytm money cash in part-time, then you are in the right place. We all want to earn some extra money but do not want to spend any money on it, not even one rupee. Here in this article, we will see some best websites, which are like extra earnings without doing any investment.

Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites

List of Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites without investment


It’s the latest daily paytm cash earning websites, which can help in making small pocket money in your extra free time. The website not only gives money for performance but also gives money for just joining. It’s a trustful website with thousands of users.

People can earn more than 500 rupees daily by using this paytm earning website. The registration option is also very easy with an easily understandable interface. No need to do an investment to earn a small amount on the website.

Features of Kamaterho website:

  • 30Rs free recharge just after registering on the earning websites
  • Earn more than 500 Rs daily
  • The minimum withdrawal option is available
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It’s an affiliate marketing type paytm earning website. It follows a unique step, which can help you to earn some pocket type of money. Different platforms like flipKart collaborate with EarnKaro. The user just needs to share their deals on their social media platform, like on Facebook or any other platform.

If someone sends the product link to any other person, and they purchase that product with the help of that link, so the sender gets to profit from it. They can earn profit as much as they want. No need to do investment in this website.

Features of EarnKaro website:

  • People can earn more than 30,000 Rs per month
  • Different big shopping apps are included in this, like Flipkart or Myntra
  • People can transfer a minimum of 10 Rs
  • The transaction process is very easy
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PayBag Website

In this website, Paytm Cash Earning Games without Investments are available to play. The PayBag give different options for earning to their users. paytm cash games option is available on the website. People can earn money by playing some small game in it, or can also earn from refer and earn method. If someone does not want to earn by investing, so they can use refer and earn method.

Some games include investment. People can avoid those games if they want, and can go for other earning options on the website. It can give small pocket money.

Features of PayBag :

  • 20 Rs the user gets just after registering on the website
  • Users can earn more than 5Rs by just referring to the website
  • The minimum Withdrawal amount is 50 Rs
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I-Say Surveys

I-say is an online earn money website from which you can easily earn money by completing survey . Here, people can earn some points by sharing their views on any specific topic. It comes in one of the most popular and famous market research platforms. Each survey contains some appointments around 25 to 50.

If someone leaves the survey in the middle, so they still get five points for attempting it. Some high point’s surveys are made for some specific people only. Always remember your previous attempts to survey answers because this paytm earning website also asks those questions again sometimes.

Features of the I-Say Survey

  • 100 points on the website are equal to $1.
  • The person will get 100 points on each referral.
  • Different gift cards are also available when the user get 500 points.
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By using cashngifts website, any person can earn free paytm cash of thousands of rupees in a month by working part-time. To earn money and paytm cash from this website, gift vouchers of many companies are available on this website, points are given for sharing these gift vouchers with people. These points can be converted into free Paytm cash. Apart from this, paytm cash can be earn to play games on the website without investment, from which money can be earned every day.

website features

  • Refer and option are available in this website.
  • The option of taking daily bonus is also available on this website.
  • A daily lottery system is available on this website through which many points can be earned.
online earn money website

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This daily paytm cash earning websites gives different information about colleges with the help of student reviews. Some collage also paid them for advertising their college. People can earn money & free money cash on this platform by just writing a review about the college.

If the review gets approved, so the user will get the money free. Writing a review earlier than other writers is also important. Early reviews will get the full reward, which is around 500 Rs. Always write an honest review for getting approved.

Features of Collegedunia

  • People will get 500 Rs for writing a Review of some selected colleges.
  • More than 200 Rs is available for any random College.
  • User will get 40 Rs in each successful Referral

Study Dekho

The StudyDekho website gives the best coaching advice to the student with the help of other student reviews. It helps the website to understand more about different coaching institutes. Here, people will get free Paytm cash by just writing a review of any coaching center.

The website asks for proper detail of a coaching institute, so any person can’t give their review without any experience in any specific coaching. No need to do any investment for giving a review.

Features of Study Dekho:

  • You can earn paytm cash More than 200 Rs for each coaching Review
  • People can earn 500 paytm cash instantly.
  • Refer and earn program is also available


In this platform, a buyer, agent, or seller can get information about any property. People can also do advertisements for their properties in it. The paytm earning website also does not ask for any money for giving reviews or for reading the information on the website.

People can write a review of any society if they are living in it. Random reviews are not getting expected on the website. A minimum of 300 words is compulsory to earn money on the website.

Features of 99Acres

  • People will get 150 RS free Paytm cash for writing each review.
  • People can earn more than 100 Rs daily by just writing the Review.
  • Honest reviews only get accepted on the website.

College help

People can give reviews about their college and earn paytm cash from it. People can only give reviews if they experienced the services of that college. The website owners approve the review, and then they will get free paytm cash. They have to follow some specific rules for writing a review of any college.

Features of College:

  • People can earn 500 paytm cash instantly if their Review gets approved.
  • The website will transfer the cash to Paytm in just 2 days.
  • Refer and earn programs can also give a small amount of money free to the users.


India speak is a website to earn free paytm cash by survey, in which different types of surveys are given. About 90 reward points are given for every survey, these reward points can be redeemed for free Paytm cash.

India speaks website features

  • Surveys related to finance, shopping, travel, media, health & wellness etc. are available on this website.
  • Apart from earning Paytm cash on IndiaSpeaks website, gift vouchers can also be earned.
  • A bonus of ₹ 20 is given per referral on this website.
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Jagran Play

Jagran Play free paytm money website is created by India’s famous news website Dainik Jagran, in which you can play game and earn paytm money every day. There is no need to make any kind of investment, earn paytm cash by playing games on this website. Coins are required to play games on this website, these coins can be earned by doing different types of activities on the Jagran play website.

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website feautures:

  • 50 Jagran Coins are given on signing up on this website, using which you can earn free Paytm cash by playing games.
  • The option of Spin The Wheel is available on this website.

List of Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites with investment

  Paytm First Games website

Paytm first is the daily paytm cash earning websites, but to earn money from this website you have to make some investment too. In this website free paytm cash can be earned everyday by playing games like ludo, rummy, poker, fantasy, call break. All the games in this app are of very high quality and this app has been made by India’s famous company Paytm, which makes this website trustable. A bonus cash of ₹ 50 is given as soon as you sign up in the Paytm First Games app.

Apart from this, 10% commission is given in the app with referral bonus of ₹ 10, but this referral bonus and commission is given only when the person who is referred makes a cash deposit in his account.

website features

  • With this app, money is withdrawn in Paytm Wallet within few minutes.
  •   Bonus cash offers are given on cash deposit in Paytm First Games.
  • In this, more than three hundred paytm cash games are available to play.
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The Panel Station

The panel station can help in earning a small amount of money by answering some questions about the survey. The survey asks about the daily lifestyle thing of any person, like what they most like to eat, or their net worth.

Giving answers to each survey is very easy in this. People get some amount of points for attempting the survey, and if they answer correctly, so their points will get increased.

Features of the Panel Station

  • After the survey, the user will get some rewards.
  • The money easily gets transferred to Paytm.
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Survey Monkey

People can give answers to the survey, which is made by other people. Users can also make their survey, which gets answered by different people. People can earn rewards from both processes. It can give a small pocket money amount.

Features of Survey Monkey:

  • Users get some points for answering surveys and for making surveys.
  • All cash can easily get transferred to Paytm.

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Fantasy Power 11

 By using fantasy power 11 website you can easily earn 500 paytm cash instantly by signing up with my referral code. Fantasy Power 11 is a paytm earning website, in which money can be earned by playing cricket and football fantasy games, but you need  investment to earn money from these games. Free leagues are available to play in this earning websites, so that some leagues can be played without spending any money. In this website, welcome bonus of ₹ 100 is given, and ₹ 100 is given on per referral. 

 Fantasy Power 11 feature website:

  • In this, a bonus of ₹ 100 to ₹ 25000 is available on cash deposit.
  • In this, the minimum withdrawal amount is ₹ 100, from which even less money can be withdrawn.
  • Features like daily contest, 14/7 support, live score update, are available in this website.
  • free Paytm cash earned from this app gets withdrawn in paytm wallet in 2 minutes.
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PlayerzPot website

You can earn free Paytm cash and money everyday by playing best paytm cash earning games likes  fantasy sports and casual games in PlayerzPot app. Lifetime commission can be taken by referring unlimited people in this website, it gives 10% commission on per referral, but this commission will be available on the entry fee of the referral person. Apart from this, you get a bonus of ₹ 100 on signing up on the website. You have to make some investment to earn free paytm cash on this website.

 PlayerzPot website features

  • The minimum withdrawal in this website is 150 rupees.
  • The Paytm account gets linked on this website, due to which the payment is withdrawn in a few seconds.
  • Weekly tasks are given in this, from which up to ₹ 100 can be earned every week.
  •  As you know this is an investing game, that’s why this website gives up to 100% cashback  on depositing money.
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fsl11 Website

fs11 is a daily paytm cash earning websites, in which money can be earned everyday by playing paytm cash games. A bonus of ₹ 120 is given on signing up in this app, 100% of this bonus can be used to play league games. Apart from this, a bonus of ₹ 50 is given per referral in the app. Money earned from this website can be sent to Paytm wallet or bank account.

fsl1 website features

  • Money on this website gets withdrawn in Paytm wallet within few minutes.
  • Gadget leagues are available to play in this.
  • In this the feature of Dot-Ball Points is available, in which points can be won on every dot ball.
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Fanspole Website

fanspole have best paytm cash earning games from which you can earn money every day. Money can be earned everyday by playing fantasy games like cricket and football on fanspole website. This paytm earning website gives a bonus of ₹ 10 on signing up, apart from this it gives up to ₹ 10 per referral. The minimum withdrawal limit on this website is ₹ 5, from which even less money can be withdrawn in Paytm or bank account. 

Fanspole Website Features

  • Prices are also given to the person who wins in the game.
  • In this, custom contests can be created according to your need.
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vison11 website

Vision11 is the paytm games earn money website from which you can  play cricket fantasy game. After creating a team of 11 players on vison11 website, you can earn paytm cash everyday by playing the best cricket fantasy game, free and paid contests are available to play on this website. In this, a bonus of ₹ 300 is given on signing up, and a commission of ₹ 20 is given with ₹ 100 per referral.

vison11 website features:

  • Batting contest is available on this website, in which 5 players have to be selected.
  • In this Second Innings, Contest is available to play.
  • A budget-friendly league is available on this website, which starts from one rupee.
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prediction 11 is the online earn money website in which you can play  cricket fantasy game,   This website gives a bonus of ₹ 15 on signing up and ₹ 10 on per referral. You will not need to do KYC to withdraw money on this website.

Prediction11 features:

  •  The money earned from this website goes to Paytm Wallet within a few minutes.
  • Due to the simple design, it is very easy to play fantasy games in it.
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