Welcome back guys! Nowadays, every person has android phone with which they play games for their entertainment, but very few people know that they can earn free paytm cash by playing games. If you are also fond of playing games, then you can earn Paytm cash by playing Snake and Ladder game, from which you can earn money along with entertainment.

Below we have given the snake and ladder game download link so that you will be able to download snake and ladder game by visiting their website because real money earning games download is not allowed on play store.

Snake and Ladder Game Paytm Cash Download Link

  • Foremost, you have to download the Snake and Ladder Game Paytm Cash by going to the link given below.
  • After downloading, open the app, now there will be an option to sign up with mobile number or with Google account, you can choose any of these two options and log in to the app.
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  • After logging in, the dashboard of the app will open, and you will get a bonus of ₹ 10 in the wallet.
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How to Play Snake and Ladder Game for Free Paytm Cash

  • Now the icon of play online will appear there, click on it.
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  • After clicking, many tournaments will be available to play and each tournament will have different winning amount, but you have to pay some fee to enter that tournament which is also known as entry fee.
  • Snake and Ladder Game Paytm Cash
  • Now you have to click on your favorite tournament, after waiting for some time That tournament will start.
  • Now all the players of that tournament will play with you, and you have to defeat them all to win, which will get you the prize of that tournament.
  • Each player in the game will get 3 tokens, then those tokens have to start from the first box to reach 100 boxes in last. You will get one point for each box you move, and 100 points for moving a token at 100 boxes.
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  • While playing the game you have to take care of the snakes present there because if your token comes on the snake box it will send you down again and The stair in the game will take you up in a shortcut way.
  • After the tournament is over, whoever has more points will win this match and will get the pending case for free.
  • If the match turns out to be a draw, the Paytm cash will be divided between the two players.
  • Click on Profile iPhone to withdraw the Paytm cash you won.
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  • After clicking their two options will appear, bank account and UPI ID, after using either of these two options paytm cash will be transferred to your bank account.
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Where to Download  Snake and Ladder Plus Apk?

To download snake and ladder plus apk use that Link.

Can Snake and Ladder Game Be Rejoined if The Match Is Abandoned in The Middle?

If you leave the snake game midway, the game cannot be rejoined and the tournament amount invested by you will also be debited.

What if There Is a Tie in The Game?

The prize money will spilt in case of tie.

what is the Snake and Ladder Game Paytm Cash referral code?

Snake and Ladder Game Paytm Cash referral code is SONUVS3D8R.


Friends, today we gave you information about Snake and Ladder Game Paytm Cash, through which you can earn free Paytm cash up to ₹ 500 every day. If you face any kind of difficulty related to Snake and Ladder Game, then you can contact them by going to the help section of the game.

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