Google Play Pass Games List 2022 (NEW GAMES ADDED)

Google Play Pass Games List, Play Pass Play Store Game App List, Play Pass Google Play Store Games, Best Google Play Pass Games – As you would know that to use paid play store game app you have to pay different charges for each play store game app due to which many people were not able to use these paid google play store games and apps. In view of which Google created google play pass subscription in which people can use thousands of paid play store game apps for free..

Google Play Pass Games List

What Is the Google Play Pass?

Google play pass Is a monthly and yearly subscription in which google is adding thousands of play store game apps every month. That google play pass can be used to buy paid play store games and apps. We have given below google play pass games list 2022 which includes many top paid version google play store games.

Google Play Pass Games List 2022

Google Play Pass Games List – Action

Space Marshals 49MB
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition109 MB
Dead Cells692 MB
Door Kickers: Action Squad59 MB
Grimvalor655 MB
Amazing Crime Strange Stickman120 MB
Reckless Getaway 287 MB
Sea Battle 252 MB
Mars 64 MB
Titan Quest 1.4 GB
Grand Action Simulator121MB
need for speed most wanted608MB
Morphite Premium319MB
american Block Snipe76 MB
Lovecraft’s Untold Stories339MB
Radiation Island439MB
Sonic the Hedgehog Clay64 MB
Space Marshals305 MB
Annelids: Online battle 15 MB
Space Pioneer: Action RPG Pv.73 MB
Tesla vs Lovecraft115MB
Super Glitch Dash127 MB
Morphite Premium319MB
American Block Sniper Survival76 MB
Lovecraft’s Untold Stories339MB
Radiation Island439MB
Sonic the Hedgehog Cla.64 MB
Space Marshals305 MB
Annelids: Online battle15 MB
Space Pioneer73 MB
Tesla vs Lovecraft115MB
Reporter – Scary METBOY73 MB
Super Glitch Dash127 MB
OTTTD: Over The Top TD80MB
Runic Curse89 MB
Under: Depths of Fear730MB
Warhammer Quest of Wizard1.8 GB
Alien Shooter51 MB
Bubble Tale – Bunny Quest20 MB
Horror Hospital 2 Survival95 MB
Dog Simulator Puppy Craft105 MB
Smashy Road: Arena42 MB
Levelhead – Infinitely challengING PLATFORMER460 MB
Maruta Escape278 MB
Super Cat Tales 265MB
Reporter 2 – Spirit Roots Scary Horror Game478MB
Hamcorollin66 MB
Pet Run – Puppy Dog Game50 MB
Cat Simulator : Kitty Craft123 MB
Ninja Hero Cats Premium49MB
Space Marshals49MB
Farm Invasion USA – Premium32 MB

Google Play Card Game List – Adventure

Jungle Adventures 245 MB
The Almost Gone120 MB
Samorost 2118MB
Underworld Office77 MB
Angelo and DemonVaries with device
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Blade (Full)39MB
The Secret ORDER 2 62MB
Fairy Tale Mysteries 2: The Beanstalk48MB
Portal Knights53MB
Dentures and Demons 296MB
Romantic HOLIC71MB
60 Seconds! Atomic AdventURE95MB
60 Seconds! Reatomized50MB
7Days: Offline Mystery Story67 MB
Rima: The Story BEGINS25MB
Dentures and Demons59 MB
Heal: Pocket Edition155MB
Death Road to Canada85 MB
Kathy RainVaries with device
Nobodies: Murder Cleaner114 MB
Infamous Machine77 MB
Whispers of a Machine12MB
Super Slime RUSH39MB
Do Not Feed The Monkey30MB
Tohu1.1 GB
Tempest: Pirate Jungle Action RPG72MB
Jungle Adventure21MB
Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition36MB
Summer CatchersVaries with device
White Night17MB
Swordigo53 MB
Leo’s Fortune94 MB
the school white day74mb
NyxQuest Kindred Spirits96mb
Very Little Nightmares46MB
CHUCHELVaries with device
Tomentum – Dark SorrowVaries with device
Jungle Adventures 365MB
Extreme Balancer 346MB
Car City Heroes Rescue Trucks34 MB
Time Mysteries: Adventure Inheritance21MB
adventure reborn story135 MB
Bear’s Restaurant28 MB
Shadow of Naught55 MB
The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus 2 (Full)62MB
Wayward Souls43MB
space legends: adventure game137MB
Figment708 MB
Ord31 MB
The Deer God71 MB
Pango Pirate Adventure game48MB
Pango Kumo weather game62 mb
Eyes: Scary Someday Thriller59mb
Stormhill Mystery494 MB
Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres (Full)75MB
Thimbleweed Park20MB
Johnny Bonasera56MB
Krystopia: Nova’s Journey25MB
Whispering Willows46MB
Peppa Pig96mb
Lumino CityVaries with device
Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope (Full)47MB
Gem Miner: dig deeper2.8mb
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and InkVaries with device
Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova24MB
Epic Odyssey: Brave Guardian Idle59MB
Johnny Bonasera 289MB
Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond (Full)53MB
BotaniculaVaries with device
Hidden City Adventure134 MB
Old Man’s Journey24MB
Morgiana: Mysteries84 MB
Fractal Space HD131 MB
The 7th Guest Remastered52MB
The Emerald Maiden: Symp63MB
Mousebusters30 MB
Suzy Cube766 MB
The Last Dream21MB
Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood79mb
Fishing Paradiso38 MB
Crashlands: Story-driven Crafting ARPG144mb
Argo’s Choice: OFFLINE GAME 58mb
What, The Fox23 MB
Stray Souls: Dollhouse StorY14mb
Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma21mb
Slender Last Sleep39 MB
Jetscout Mystery of the74 MB
Legend of the Skyfish43MB
The Wild Case241MB
The Tiny Bang Story: Premium25MB
Gem Miner 2 9.2MB
Simon the Sorcerer34MB
Tomb Toad87MB
Lost Echo380MB
Snowman Story29 MB
Bury me, my Love119MB
Timo – Adventure Puz66MB
Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness45MB
OrbaDrone – Faded Light59MB

Play Store Play Pass Games List – Arcade

Super Oscar premium13mb
Portal Dogs63 MB
Leap On55 MB
SHINE Journey Of Light357 MB
TWIN COBRA classic50 MB
Boson X9mb
Bubblez: Bubble Defense16mb
Bermunda Triangle39mb
My Diggy Dog 2142 MB
The Pocket Arcade148 MB
STRIKERS 1945 classic41 MB
Rat On A Skateboard5.9 MB
Aces of the Luftwaffe Squa1.1gb
Peace Death
The Bug Butcher151 MB
Tap the Frog25Mb
Funky Karts5.1 MB
Bullet Boy87 MB
Unbroken Soul 27Mb
2 Player Games42mb
Pinball Flipper Classic42 MB
Hyperforma Premium
Bounce ball: Brick Breaker47 MB
Whale Trail Classic
Chameleon Run84 MB
Vertical Adventure33 MB
TRUXTON classic51 MB
Super Drop Land27 MB
Catch The Candy Premium46 MB
STRIKERS 199951mb
My Diggy Dog51 MB
holedown38 MB
Party Hard Go
Drag’n’Boom34 MB
Fancy Pants Adventures161 MB
Sonic The Hedgehog 271mb
Red Ball 3: Jump Worms for Love66mb
worms 3
Color Ball Blast43 MB
Red Ball 453 MB
Orbia: Tap and Relax
ZERO GUNNER 2 classic

Google Play Card Games List – Board

Ubongo – Puzzle challenge
Matching king12 MB
Chess and Mate
OLO Loco94mb
1LINE – One Line with One Touch23 MB
Yachty20 MB
Einstein’s Riddle Logic Puzzles32 MB
One Deck Dungeon
RISK: Global Domination312 MB
Dominoes – Chess Classic Domino.62 MB
Mahjong Titan41 MB
Kakuro (Cross Sums) – Classic.11 MB
Dominos Online Jogatina: Game48 MB
Mahjong titan41mb
4 in a row16mb
SocialChess – Online Chess31 MB

Google Play Pass Games List – Card

Hearts15 MB
Castle Solitaire: Card Game96 MB
Spades15 MB
Brisca hd- la brisca11mb
Canasta14 MB
Card Quest89 MB
Pinochle15 MB
Hearts (Full)16 MB
Solitaire (Full39 MB
Crown Solitaire: Card Game96 MB
Euchre15 MB
Euchre Online Trickster Cards45 MB
Card Thief76mb
Rogue Adventure33 MB
Brave Hand92 MB
Solitaire9.9 MB
Spider Solitaire10 MB
G4A: Indian Rummy11 MB
Reigns: Game of Thrones
Solitaire Pro11 MB
Pyramid Solitaire – card games
Reigns: Her Majesty
Cultist Simulator
Spider Solitaire: Card Games83 MB
Meteorfall: Journeys66 MB
Reigns73 MB
FreeCell Solitaire86 MB
Solitaire26 MB
Solitaire85 MB
Aces® Spades40 MB
Card Crawl71 MB
Euchre Pro8.2 MB
Choice of Life: Middle Ages
FreeCell6.9 MB
250+ Solitaire Collection

Play Store Play Pass Games List – Casual

Miss Hollywood256 MB
Snail Bob 292 MB
Miss Hollywood Showtime219 MB
Ears and Burgers74 MB
Pets Hair Salon21 MB
Strawberry Shortcake Food fair167 MB
Strawberry Shortcake Dress up dreams164 MB
Strawberry Shortcake Holi179 MB
royal girls – princess salon55mb
Strawberry Shortcake Pockets lockets77 MB
Classy Wedding Salon32 MB
Pocket Clothier31 MB
Mega Mall Story Lineweight31 MB
Brain game. Picture Match9.8 MB
ChessFinity PREMIUM46mb
Candy Fashion Dress up&Makeup43mb
Happy Coloring by numbers18 MB
Pango Sheep: Wonder Zoo: get all the sheep Animal rescue44 MB
Trendy Fashion Styles Dress Up46 MB
Trog Smash Island – A prehistoric adventure25 MB
Sunday Lawn Island6.4mb
Coloring pages: mandala for me39mb
Snail Bob 370 MB
Dumb Ways to Die 2166 MB
Dumb Ways to Die 108mb
Marble Legend Pro17 MB
Hidden Folks72 MB
Venture Towns31mb
Sparkle 258mb
Burger Shop 237mb
Save the Fish – Pull the Pin Game
My Little Work – Garage

Google Play Card Games List – Educational

play 123, Alfie Atkins78 MB
Car City Puzzle Games – Brain53 MB
Power Girls Super City92 MB
Baby Phone. Kids Game18 MB
Elmo Loves 123s453 MB
elmo callls by Sesame Street90 MB
kids learn colors32mb
Learn to Read – phonics abc42mb
Troy the Letters & Numbers Train33 MB
Baby Jigsaw Puzzles16 MB
Carl Underwater: Ocean Exploration for Kids38mb
Kids Learn about animals54mb
Kids Write abc leter animals38mb
kids learn about animals53mb
monster numbers full version31mb
car city Kindergarden 28mb
Pettson’s Inventions 392M
Car Patrol Hide & Seek: Preschool Animals Safari44mb
Kids Learn to Read41mb
grow garden65mb
Preschool games for kids55 MB
Kids Draw with Shapes34mb
Nursery Literacy: First Words for Teach Toddlers45 MB
first words for baby17mb
how do things fly?125MB
BodyQuest anatomy for kids65mb
English for kids8.8mb
Kids Puzzles #2 (full game)28 MB
Mermaids51 MB
Little Panda Fireman45 MB
Kids Carl the Super Kindergarten M.70mb
Little Panda Fireman45 MB
Carl the Super Kindergarten M.36mb
Urban City Stories47mb
Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen66 MB
Wonder Woollies Logic Club Play World108MB
logic club32mb
Pango Build City: kids 3-835mb
kids learn shapes 227mb
fruits and vegetables lear32mb
Jurassic World – Dinosaurs37mb
Animal Circus – Kids Learn to Joy Preschool..41mb
kids learn count 12346mb
my town school52mb
Math for kids learning games11mb
central hospital stories32mb
Peppa Pig holiday105MB
learn to read alphabet letter76mb
kids learn to sort45mb
kids reading sigh words23mb
garage master- games for kids51mb
kids connect the dots52mb
Animal Puzzles for Kids63 MB
Learning games for toddlers137mb
my town hospital49mb
MathLand Full Version :mental24mb
learn to read alphabet letter41mb
fox factory kids coding37mb
Baby puzzles12 MB
Baby Wooden Blocks Puzzle12 MB
Math Games3.2 MB
Toca Mystery Truck games for House87mb
truck games for kids: building99mb
Disney Colouring World149mb
Logic and reasoning270 MB
Miffy’s World- bunny adventure95mb
pango land- dalhouse kids45mb
Mandala coloring book37MB
little police 95MB
My Very Hungry Caterpillar78MB

Google Play Card Games List – Music

cytus 22.9gb
My Singing Monsters Com24mb
Pango Musical March: music49 MB
percuss rhythm seque26mb
one more line38mb
Note Fighter29 MB
Giant Dancing Plushies94mb
inreverse party game – backw5.6mb
Real Piano Teacher19mb
deemo2.0 gb

Play Store Play Pass Games List – Puzzle

Block Puzzle & Conquer11 MB
Save the Puppies Premium29MB
The Gardens Between31MB
Pango One Road : logical35mb
Flow Free warps19mb
Hamster Town82 MB
Starbeard – Roguelike puzzle86 MB
Incredipede 37 MB
Cubes:Procedur al wonders17mb
Pango Blocks: puzzle game36 MB
Bright Paw57MB
Block Puzzle & Conquer11 MB
Save the Puppies Premium29MB
The Gardens Between31MB
Cactus, Cactus!17 MB
Disaster Will Strike 233 MB
SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game141 MB
Light Bulb Puzzle Game3.8 MB
Zenge – Beautiful Puzzgle104 MB
Pettson’s Inventions 297MB
Pettson’s Inventions79MB
Jigsaw puzzles 87MB
Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle17mb
Beyond Ynth HD33 MB
Fireballz36 MB
Red Herring18 MB
Harmony: Relaxing Music86 MB
Road Raid: Puzzle Adventure 80mb
Color Me: Adults Coloring Pages81 MB
Evo Explores51 MB
Symbol Series4.8 MB
Kiwanuka21 MB
Kids’ Puzzles62 MB
Mosaic Gems: Jigsaw Puzzle15mb
Eggineers Deluxe – const95 MB
Cut the Rope 256mb
Pettson’s Inventions Delu..134MB
Flow Free: Bridges19 MB
Outsider: After Life99 MB
Shoot n Merge Block puzzle61mb
andoku dudoku 27mb
Number Blocks Puzzles: 100%17 MB
rymdkapsel 38mb
Slayaway Camp: 1980’s Horror69 MB
Unit 404167MB
Cut the Rope: Magic52 MB
100 Blocks Puzzle21 MB
Puzzle Retreat45 MB
Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle63MB
Twinfold46 MB
Infection53 MB
Square Paint20 MB
The Legend of Bum-Bo40MB
Mahjong (Full)14 MB
Jigsaw Puzzles Real30 MB
Escape Logan Estate80 MB
Death Squared91mb
Pebble Universe70 MB
Through Abandoned506mb
Faraway 3: Arctic Escape91 MB
The Chronos Principle4.4MB
Classic Golf Peaks 39MB
Classic Labyrinth 3d m…34mb
Puzzling Peaks50 MB
Mahjong 3 (Full)48 MB
Doodle Kingdom47 MB
Detective Mimo78MB
Sudoku3.9 MB
Doodle God60 MB
rip them off112MB
Stranger Cases: A Mystery Esc..79 MB
Causality88 MB
Little Fox: Bubble Spinner32 MB
Hack RUN112MB
Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure77 MB
2048 Shapes28 MB
Black Stories premium34mb
Number Mazes : Rikudo Puzzles7mb
Faraway: Tropic Escape97 MB
Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle65 MB
Disaster Will Strike44 MB
Mystic Pillars: A Puzzle Game150MB
What’s inside the box?16mb
Scalak: Relaxing Puzzle Game66 MB
Hashi Puzzle3.7 MB
Pixel Art: colour by number50 MB
Jigsaw Puzzles Epic37 MB
G30 – A Memory Maze22 MB
Minesweeper Pro6.3mb
Faraway 4: Ancient Escape101 MB
Dream Detective380mb
Escape Machine city106mb
Amigo Pancho380 MB
TWO EYES Nonogram45mb
Faraway 2: Jungle Escape94 MB
ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion83mb
Faraway: Puzzle Escape82 MB
the Sequence48mb
Shuttle Shuffle aleins panic38mb
Eyes: Nonogram40 MB
One Line – One Touch Drawing33mb
star viking forever74mb
Escape Funky Island90mb
Machinika Museum463 MB
Lineverse: One-Line Coloring25mb
Shapes: Anti Stress Therapy68 MB
Decipher: Brain Test31 MB
Hex – Anxiety Relief44 MB
Cubistry43 MB
Pandamino- color slide puzzle91mb
Legacy 2 – The Ancient Curse22MB
Hangman premium23mb
farway: galactic escape92mb
Unroll Me unblock the slots19mb
tents and tree puzzle39mb
ARia’s Legacy – AR Mystery Escape room156mb
Sudoku5.0 MB
hocus 232mb
Mind Games Pro22 MB
swim out56MB
Word Search Games in english10mb
Sudoku – Classic Puzzle Game11 MB
Trees and Tents Puzzle3.8 MB
the Sequence20MB
bored button games 35mb
Homo Machina29MB
Sudoku.com54 MB – picture cross62 MB
Laser Quest93 MB
Doors: Awakening126 MB
Puzzlerama – Lines, Dots, Blocks, Pipes & more21 MB
agent a a puzzle in disguise353MB
The Eyes of Ara42MB
projekt31 MB
Escape Machine City: Airborne120 MB
Infinity Loop: Calm & Relaxing21 MB
Unpuzzle8.5 MB
Plumber 339 MB
Grids of Thermometers22 MB
Doors: Paradox125 MB
Neighbours from Hell 1 Premium22MB
Magnet Balls 2: Physics Puzzle21 MB
Unpuzzlex9.2 MB
flow free : hexes19mb
Connection – Stress Relief63 MB
Cut the Rope: Time Travel45 MB
Smarter – Brain training9.7 MB
Find the difference19 MB
Cut the Rope50 MB
Sudoku Master: Logic puzzle16 MB
Monument Valley36MB
2 Player Games – Pastimes53 MB
Remember: A Horror Adventure84 MB
Bridge- Constructor Portal86MB
Tangled Up premium64mb
flow free19MB
legacy 3the hidden relic100MB
alter : between two words140 MB
train you brain78 MB
There Is No Game : Wd42MB
Magnet Balls PRO: Puzzle21mb
Tiny Robots Recharged129 MB
Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles31 MB
Energy: Anti Stress Loops69 MB
Jigsaw Puzzles – puzzle games58 MB
Doors: Origins130 MB
I Love Hue Too67 MB
Path of Giants120 MB

Google Play Games List – Racing

Rush Rally 283MB
Rush Rally Origins95 MB
Beach Buggy Racing82 MB
Offroad Legends 275 MB
Riptide GP: Renegade97 MB
Moto X3M Bike Race Game39 MB
Super Arcade Racing13 MB
Car Eats Car 3 Hill Climb Race103 MB
Absolute Drift29MB
Jet Car Stunts 2149 MB
Furious Car Driving37MB
Thumb Drift – Dirt Trackin ‘Fast & Furious car drifting games76mb
dirt trackin spirit cars136mb
Dead Paradise Car Race Shooter100mb
Draw Rider Plus42 MB
TurboFly HD20mb
Draw Rider 2 plus72mb

Google Play Pass Games List – Role Playing

Rich Girl Mallshopping game97mb
RPG Eve of the genesis12mb
Stylist Girl: Make Me Fabulous97mb
hero Generations45mb
The Letter – Scary Horror Choice Visual Novel Game113mb
demon’s rise28mb
Shieldwall Chronicles: Swords of the North1.2gb
Mechanic Max -Kids Game21mb
Sorcery! 337MB
Roller Skating Girls111 MB
[Premium] RPG Armed Emeth51MB
Rhythmic Gymnastics Dream Team Girls Dance154mb
RPG Symphony of Eternity40MB
RPG Grinsia13 MB
RPG Aeon Avenger – KEMCO23MB
Sorcery! 235MB
Cyberlords – Arcology16mb
Unknown Knights82MB
My Bakery Gymnastics Empire: Cake and bake103mb
Gymnastics superstar155mb
RPG Alphadia26MB
Little Fox Animal Doctor146MB
Evoland 2499MB
Unhatched52 MB
Tender: Creature Reaper Comforts146MB
Yodanji: The Roguelike44 MB
Magium – DnD Inspired Text RPG6.1 MB
Sproggiwood 72mb
Space Raiders RPG80mb
Evoland49 MB
Dawnbringer427 MB
King of Dragon Pass: Text RPG53MB
RPG Alphadia212mb
Delight Games Premium Library26M
Hoplite5.5 MB
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic33 MB
Prison Life RPG95 MB
Battle Chasers: Nightwar1.8 GB
Stardew Valley80MB
Undead Horde77MB
80 Days25MB
Ticket to Earth782 MB
Witch Spring329MB
DANCE SCHOOL stories273mb
The Enchanted Cave 281mb
dance school stories273mb
Buff Knight: Offline Idle RPG32mb
गेम देव स्टोरी (Dungeon Village dev story)32mb
Doom & Destiny Advanced92mb
Star Wars TM: KOTOR12mb

Google Play Pass Games List – Simulation

Prison Planet31 MB
This War of Mine: Stories20MB
pig io – pig evolution42mb
Horse World Premium22MB
Pango Build Safari : kids 3-836mb
Show Jumping PREMIUM179MB
8-Bit Farm34 MB
Oh!Edo Towns30MB
Taxi Game 243 MB
Anime Love Story: Shadowtime65 MB
Dog Hotel Premium83MB
Fiz: Brewery This is the Police Management Game19mb
this is the police 235MB
Pet World Premium97MB
Traffix: Traffic Simulator70mb
the little crane that could21mb
Small Living World UNLOCKED11MB
the ramen sensei38mb
railways – train simulator57mb
Fluid Simulation – Trippy Stress Reliever21mb
extreme Landings Pro50MB
silver screen story61MB
SimplePlanes – Flight SimulatorVaries with device
SimpleRockets 2Varies with device
Euro Train Simulator 2123 MB
Shiny Ski Resort43mb
Dogworld Premium – My Puppy49MB
Mega Mall Story 260MB
Line Maze Idle Pro7.7MB
Love Story: Teenage Drama74 MB
Sky Aces 231mb
Dealer’s Life 2165M
Spaceflight Simulator99 MB
Pocket City27 MB
Dealer’s Life – Pawn Shop Tycoon56 MB
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy129MB
Poly Bridge 2181 MB
Game Dev Tycoon52MB
This War of Mine23MB
Game Dev Story40MB
The Final Earth 2-City Builder24MB
Bridge Constructor47MB
Drive Simulator110 MB

Google Play Pass Games List – Sports

Galaxy Bowling HD Free83 MB
Basketball Club Mini Golf 3D46mb
mini golf 3d multiplayer rival57mb
Pocket League story32mb
WST Snooker1.1 GB
Snowboard Party: World Tour547 MB
Skate Jam – Pro Skateboarding526 MB
Mike V: Skateboard Party240mb
Strike Master Bowling59 MB
Super Soccer Champs 202112MB
Grand Mountain Adventure526 MB
World Cricket Battle 2: Play T20 cricket league443 MB
Boxing Gym Story53 MB
OK Golf50MB
Stickman Snowboarder45MB
Skateboard Party 3571 MB
Pumped BMX 357MB
Touchgrind BMX57 MB
Stomped!96 MB

Google Play Games List – Strategy

HAMARU: Brain Games & Training60 MB
Table Trenches153MB
MechCom – 3D RTS33 MB
Myth Defense 2: DF Platinum34 MB
Tiny Guardians215MB
Heroes : A Grail Quest32 MB
Pocket Harvest30mb
MechCom 2 – 3D RTS51MB
Myth Defense LF14MB
Guns’n’Glory HEROES PREMIUMVaries with device
Guns’n’Glory Zombies Premium39MB
Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord 880MB
Lock’s Quest54MB
Great Little War Game44mb
Rebuild 3 Gangs of Deadsville71mb
Majesty the fantasy Kingdom30mb
Braveland Wizard21MB
Maze Machina71 MB
Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee35MB
Tactic Master – Strategy Battle49mb
Wanna Survive115MB
Out There: Edition105M
Defense Zone HD91 MB
Despotism 3k44 MB
Braveland Pirate 21MB
MechCom 3 – 3D RTS25 MB
Worms 422MB
Xenowerk Tactics625 MB
Crystallight Defense HD21 MB
Rebuild49 MB
Great Little War Game 258 MB
King’s League: Odyssey174MB
Modern Defense Worms 271MB
Majesty-The Northern Expansion69 MB
Through the Darkest of Times37MB
SpellForce: Heroes & Magic29MB
Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense140 MB
Rebel Cops42MB
Defense Zone 2 HD153MB
Epic War TD 2 Premium17MB
First Strike: Classic94 MB
The Bonfire 2142MB
The Escapists 2: POCKET BREAKOUT60MB
Kingdom Rush Origins – TD204 MB
Crying Suns85MB
Battle of Polytopia – A Civilization Strategy Game85 MB
Door KickersVaries with device
Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game763MB
The Escapists Prison EscapeVaries with device
Night of the Full, Moon71MB

Google Play Games List – Word

Crossword – Classic crossword puzzle7.1mb
Fill-In Crossword4.2mb
BAIKOH: word challenges60mb
word search (1)9.8mb
word search (2)7.6mb
word search (3)9.4mb
String of Words9.6mb
English Guess The Phrase4.6 MB
Word Breaker17 MB
Pics 2 Words8.2 MB


What Is the Google Play Pass Price in India?

google play pass price is ₹99 per month and ₹889 per year in india. which includes thousands of play store game app.

What Is the Google Play Pass Price in Us and Uk?

google play pass price is $4.99 per month in US and £4.99 per month in the UK and yearly subscription is $29.99/£29.99 in US & UK.

What Apps Are Included In google Play Pass

Art and Design, Books and Reference, Business, Education, Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Music and Audio, Personalization, Photography, Productivity, Tools, Video Players and Editors, Weather. category apps are included in google play pass.

What Games Are included in google play pass

Action, adventure,  arcade, board games, card, casual, music, puzzle, racing, sports games, strategy, word games, category games are included in google play pass.

Is It Worth Taking Google Play Pass?

Yes, taking google pay pass is beneficial because many expensive paid games are available in it for free.

Which Is the Best Google Play Pass Games?

Lumino City
Sorcery! 3
Reigns: Game of Thrones
Cytus II
min metro
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition
Stardew Valley
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Ticket to Earth
are the best google play pass games of 2022.

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