There are millions of facebook accounts have pages available on Facebook and there are some pages which have millions of followers from which people are earning money. To earn money from Facebook pages, you need popular pages then follow the method given by us, you can earn up to lakhs of rupees.

Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook Page

Facebook’s pages are generally used by organizations as it enhances their brand and business, and many people are making money by creating their personal page in a specific niche. Apart from this, all kinds of celebrities are also earning money by using Facebook page. Now you too will be very curious to know how these people are earning money. That’s why we have explained below best ways to make money on facebook page.

Affiliate marketing

If you have lots of followers in your Facebook page, then you can do affiliate marketing in your Facebook page. In this you can join any Affiliate network like Amazon Associates, Flipkart referral, avantlink, Sharesale etc. After joining any affiliate program then select the product in which your audience is interested. Then make an affiliate link of that product then share that link on FB page, by doing this if someone buys that product from your link, you will be given some commission by the company then the more products you sell, the more you will earn.

Monetizing video

If you have a popular Facebook page, then you can easily earn money by monetizing video on FB page. In which facebook will show ads in your video after that facebook will keep some part of your earning and give rest to you but facebook has set some rules for monetization in which your page should have 10k followers and 600,000 watch minutes is required of last 60 days, for More information about monetization rules visit Facebook official website.

Earn Money on Page by Facebook Stars

If you have a Facebook page, you can monetize your page with the Facebook Star option. Through the Facebook Star feature, creators can receive money from people in the form of stars.

If someone gives you a star, then the money earned from the star will go to your account, then this money can be sent to the bank account after the minimum limit is met.

Paid Online Events on Facebook Page

Events on Facebook is a very useful feature that is available to all people. You can also earn money by using the same paid events function but to enable this function on Facebook page you have to fulfill some conditions of Facebook then you can earn money by using it. You can start events like paid courses, paid access to join events.

Paid Promotion

If you have a Facebook page with lots of likes, other brands will reach out to you for paid promotion. For example, if you have a fb page of gaming or beauty tips then brand will contact you on your Facebook page then you can discuss the cost of that brand promotion. By doing this, you can easily earn money by doing paid promotion in Facebook page.

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Promote your products

If you have your own business, then you can promote your product on Facebook, by doing this your product will reach more people. As a result, sharing your products in FB page will increase your product sales. If the number of likes in your FB page is less than Facebook gives paid option to increase likes on Facebook page by using which you can increase likes of your FB pages in 1 week.

Sell Facebook Page

If you have Facebook page which is based in high value niche or have the large number of likes then you can sell your Facebook page on various social media platform where many people are willing to buy Facebook page. A few months ago my friend sold his 30,000 likes Facebook page for ₹15000, so you can imagine that the more famous your fb page is, the more money you can earn.

Earn money using url shorts link on facebook page

If you are used to posting links in your fb pages then you can use url shortener website which will pay based on clicks on links. The more clicks on the link, the more money you can earn from URL shortening website.


There are many ways to earn from facebook page, but the best way to earn money from facebook is pages. You only need those Facebook pages which have thousands of likes or followers, then you can start earning money by following the above method.


How many followers on facebook page to get paid

Earning does not depend on the follower base on Facebook page, earning from Facebook page depends on the popularity of the page. The more popular your Facebook page is, the more you can earn.

How to earn money from facebook page likes

If you have thousands or millions of likes on your Facebook page, then you can earn money from brand promotion and monetizing videos on Facebook page.

How to make money from videos in Facebook pages?

You can earn money by monetizing Facebook videos in Pages.

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