Today we have brought best earn by walking app that named is walk club app, through which you can earn rewards by walking, and you can earn more rewards by using the referral program of this app. Below we have given the walk club referral code of this app, using which you can also get additional rewards.

Walk Club Referral Code7GRD
Referral Bonus5% bonus on active x.

What is Walk Club App?

Walk Club is the best walking app using which people can earn money by walking. This app records all the steps taken by your feet so that you can calculate daily calories by walking.

Walk Club App Earning Method and Refer and Earn Procedure

Walk Club App Earning Method

  • Foremost, download the walking earning app from the link given below, then open it.
  • Now click on sign up option then fill your email address, mobile number, name, password, walk club referral code – 7GRD and captcha code.
walk club referral code
  • After filling all the details please click on Sign up option by doing this your account will be created in Walk Club App.
  • Now click on the option of shoes in the dashboard of the app, then you have to scan your face by clicking on the option of scan my face.
  • By verifying your face you can start collecting eggs from this app, then you can redeem these eggs.
  • Eggs are basically the point system that is created by this app. The more eggs you collect, the more different types of rewards you can redeem for these eggs. Such as mobile recharge, new mobile, AC, fridge, LED TV, bike and a pair of shoes can be redeemed.
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  • Also, these eggs can be sold or exchanged at a lower rate.

Walk Club App Refer and Earn Procedure

  • Foremost, open the app then click on share option.
    photo1681800557 1
  • After clicking on this option, you will get the referral code and link. By sharing which you can earn up to 5% active value per referral.
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  • The more people you invite in this referral program, the more your level will increase, then by increasing the level you will be able to earn more.
    photo1681800590 1

Walk Club App Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  • If someone signs up using your walk club referral code, you will get 5% bonus on active x.
  • If the face verification of the person referred by you is not complete then you will not get the referral ward.
  • If the person referred by you has used this app before, then you will not get the referral reward.

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Benefits of using the Walk Club App

  • Using the app you can get branded footwear, electronic products and mobile recharge.
  • By using this app, you can take care of your fitness.
  • Once you reach Level 5 in the app, you share current city advertising revenue equally with Walk Club app.
  • In the app, you can buy or sell eggs from people at cheap prices, which can be used to buy products.


To get rewards from this walk and earn money app, you have to walk as much as possible, so that you can collect eggs, then you can redeem the eggs in different types of rewards.


What is Active X in Walk Club App?

The more active x you have in the Walk Club app, the more eggs you can earn.

How to increase Active X in Walk Club App?

To increase Active X in Walk Club app, you can use referral program by using which you will get Active X 5% or the higher level of shoes you buy, the more Active X you will earn.

What is the referral code for Walk Club App?

Walk Club App Referral Code 7GRD.

What is the customer care number of Walk Club App?

This app doesn’t have email ID, but people can contact on their mobile number 078799 67530.

Is walk club app safe app?

Yes walk club is safe app Because after using this app we have got many rewards.

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