Millions of people are using WhatsApp, but still fewer people are using the upi payment feature of WhatsApp. That’s why WhatsApp is running a different WhatsApp payment cashback offer to promote its UPI feature. At present, WhatsApp is offering two whatsapp upi cashback, in the first cashback offer you can get a cashback of ₹105 and in the second offer you will get a discount of ₹ 50 on shopping.

IST offer – Get ₹35 by Using Whatsapp Payment Cashback Offer

On this whatsapp payment offer, when you send money to three different people in your contact list through UPI, you can get a cashback of ₹ 35 three times. But for this whatsapp cashback offer 105, WhatsApp has put some terms and conditions, which we have mentioned below.

Term and Condition of Whatsapp Cashback Offer Rs. 35

  • Your WhatsApp account must be at least 30 days old to avail this cashback offer.
  • You can send payment through UPI to those people who have enabled the UPI payment feature on WhatsApp.
  • You can take WhatsApp cashback offer by sending money to three different people from your contact list.

2nd offer-How to avail ₹50 off in JioMart using WhatsApp Payments?

JioMart has started this whatsapp payment cashback offer a few days ago, in which ₹ 50 will be flat off on shopping of ₹ 100 using WhatsApp payment in Jiomart app. You can use jio mart offer offer unlimited times from different WhatsApp numbers.

  • Foremost, you have to open Jiomart’s official WhatsApp online store by clicking on the link given below.
  • Now send hi on Jiomart’s WhatsApp chat.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 2.22.59 PM
  • By doing this, Jio mart ₹ 50 discount offer will come on WhatsApp chat.
    whatsapp payment cashback offer
  • Then click on the option ‘get started’ at the bottom.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 2.24.23 PM 2
  • Now click on the option of view catalogue, then add any product above ₹ 100 on it.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 2.25.03 PM
  • After adding the product, click on the option of view sent cart.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 2.25.49 PM
  • Now click on the option of send to business.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 2.27.33 PM
  • Now fill your address then click on send address option.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 2.28.14 PM
  • After clicking, you will see the payment page where you can make payment there through WhatsApp UPI.
  • After doing just this, you will get a discount of ₹ 50 immediately.

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The whatsapp payment offer mentioned by us are subject to change over time through WhatsApp, so you should use the cashback offer on WhatsApp as soon as possible. Apart from this, whenever WhatsApp will launch a new cashback offer, we will keep updating about the new offer on this content.


Why I didn’t get whatsapp payment cashback?

WhatsApp has set some conditions for cashback, if you do not fulfill those conditions then you will not be eligible for cashback, that’s why before using WhatsApp payment offer, go to the official website of WhatsApp and read the term and condition of the offer.

What is the validity of whatsapp 35 cashback offer?

This offer by WhatsApp will last for about 1 or 2 months and your WhatsApp account should be at least 30 days old to take advantage of this offer.

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