Today we have brought a referral program for you through which you can do free bike riding. In this referral program ₹50 is given on per refer and the person using the refer code gets ₹25 at the time of signing up. If you want to get this rapido referral code, then read our post from beginning to end.

What is Rapido App?

People can book bike ride at cheap rates using this app. The service of this app is available in more than 150 cities, and it is continuously expanding its service to more cities as well.

Get Rs25 Using rapido referral code on Signup

  • Foremost, download the app from the link given below.
  • After the app is downloaded, open it.
  • Then fills your mobile number and verify with your mobile number.
  • Now it will ask you to fill personal information and CFESTU9 rapido referral code.
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  • Now it will ask to allow the location permission.
  • Now, the sign-up bonus of Rs.25 will be credited to your account instantly.

How to refer people to this app?

  • Click on three dot line option to refer people in this app.
  • Now click on rapido refer and earn option.
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  • After clicking on this option, the option of Refer Now will appear.
  • By clicking on this option, you can share your rapido referral link and referral code rapido on social media account.
  • If you want to invite your contacts by sending SMS, you can click on Invite Friends to Rapido.
  • After inviting people, you can earn Rs.50 on each successful referral.

Important things about rapido refer and earn program:-

  • The referral amount will be credited only when the referred person books the first ride there.
  • The referral amount will be credited to the account within 48 hours.

Best Feature of Rapido App

Power Pass

This app has option of power pass in which people have to pay fixed amount to get monthly bike and auto pass and by using that power pass people will get 45% discount on all their rides.


There is also a claim option in this app. In which, unfortunately, an accident happens somewhere while riding a bike, then this company will give a claim of 5,00,000 for accidental death, a claim of up to, 100000 for hospitalization and a claim of 3000 for OPD treatment.

Rapido Coins

Rapido coins option is present in this app and people can use these coins to get discount on their ride. People can earn this rapido coins in four different ways, such as by using cashback discount coupons, by referring people to this app and by earning scratch cards.

Various Payment Modes

This app has a different payment mode option like paytm, Amazon pay, upi, lazy pay, simple and pay on drop option.

Rapido Captain

Rapido Captain’s option is available in this app. In which, after registering, you can do the work of pickup and drop people by driving auto or bike. After becoming a Rapido Captain, you can earn up to ₹ 5000 per month.

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Friends, today we have given you detailed information about the referral code and referral program of Rapido app which gives you free bike ride. The referral amount and signup amount mentioned by us can be changed by the company from time to time. So take advantage of their offers and rewards as soon as possible.


What is the sign-up and referral amount of Rapido App?

Sign up amount is Rs.25 and referral amount is Rs.50.

Why didn’t I get the referral benefit?

The main reason for not getting the referral reward is that the referred person has not booked his/her first ride. Or the person has not used the referral code during sign up, due to which you have not received the referral reward.

What is the customer care number of Rapido APP?

The app does not have a customer care number, but people can contact them by filling the contact form.

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