Friends, today we have brought the referral code of myntra app for you, through which you can get discount on online shopping. myntra refer and earn program have changed over time, which we have described in detail below.

What is Myntra Refer and Earn Program?

A few months ago, Myntra started a referral program in which they offer a referral bonus of Rs 100 and a signup bonus of Rs 200.

But for now Myntra has stopped this referral program since last month, but now Myntra has started a new referral program called play and earn, in which people can earn rewards and coupon codes by playing games and referring people.

So in simple words, Myntra app has converted the referral program into Play and Earn feature. So below we have discussed that feature.

How to use Myntra Refer and Earn feature:

  • As we already mentioned that Myntra has changed its referral program to play and earn option. So to go to that option, first create an account on Myntra app.
  • After creating Myntra account, sign up with your Gmail ID or mobile number.
  • After creating Myntra account, click on Profile option.
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  • Now click on Earn and Redeem option.
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  • There will be an option of Play and Earn, click on it.
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  • After clicking on this option many games will be there by playing which you can win stars and the won stars can be used for discount on orders.

There are four types of games such as Logo Frenzy, Bowl Out, Pictionary and Santa Delivery also this option has a share the fun option, by using you can invite people to this app.
Below, we have discussed in detail how to play all these games.

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Brand Trivia

In this option, you will be asked quiz questions on some brands of clothes, for which you will get 200 stars if you answer correctly.

Logo Mania

In that game, you have to make a matching row or column of brand logo. After making a correct row or column, you will get 200 stars.

Go bowling

In this option you can play cricket game in which you have to take maximum wickets of the batsman. After taking maximum wickets, you will get stars.


In this option, you have to guess the name of the brand with the help of emoji.

Correctly answering the brand name will earn you 200 coins.

Santa delivery

In this option, you have to drop the gift multiple times at a specific location.

If you successfully drop the gift on the exact spot, you will get 200 stars.

Share the fun

In this option, you can share Myntra games with your friends.

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Friends, we have given information about the new referral program started by Myntra App. But currently, Mantra app has discontinued its old referral program, so you can’t take advantage of the old referral program. But in the coming time Myntra app can start its old referral program anytime, we will give information about it in this post.


Where to enter Myntra referral code?

Myntra app has currently removed the option to fill the referral code from the app. The app has replaced it with the option of Play and Earn, through which people can earn rewards.

Why Myntra referral code is not working?

Your Myntra referral code is not working because you are using 2022 referral code.

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