Welcome again, friends. In today’s time, every mobile operator has set some validity plans to keep the mobile sim’s incoming and outgoing calls active, that’s why today we will discuss validity pack of Airtel. These Airtel validity recharge plans are much cheaper than Airtel data plans,

in which you get unlimited calling and some data as well. Today, we will tell you 6 Airtel validity recharge plans. Airtel keeps changing its recharge time, so whenever you get a good deal, get the Airtel validity recharge done.

What Is the Airtel Validity Recharge

Airtel’s validity recharge plans are those cheapest recharge plans in which free calling and internet is provided along with incoming and outgoing calls for a few days or months. By using Airtel Validity recharge plan, you can increase the validity of incoming and outgoing calls of Airtel sim by spending less money and these Airtel service validity recharge are cheaper than other Airtel data plans.

Airtel Validity Recharge Plan ListValidityBenefit
₹9928 days99 Talk time Balance
₹12828 daysLocal/ Std Calls – 5 Paise per Second
₹15524 days1gb Internet with 300 Sms
₹17924 days2gb Internet, 300 Sms & Unlimited Calling
₹45584 days6gb & Unlimited Calling
₹1799365 days24gb Internet, 3600 Sms & Unlimited Calling

Airtel Validity Recharge Plan Details

In this Airtel incoming call recharge, you will get a talk time balance of 99 and validity of 28 days.

In this Airtel incoming recharge, you will get a validity of 28 days, with this, local and STD calls will be 5 paise per second in Airtel validity plan, ₹ 1 will be charged for local SMS and national SMS.

In this Airtel incoming validity recharge, the validity of Airtel SIM will be available for 24 days along with 1 GB internet and unlimited calling and 300 SMS.

In this validity recharge of Airtel, 28 days of incoming and outgoing validity will be available and 2gb internet data, 300 SMS, unlimited calling will be available for 24 days.

In this validity pack for Airtel, you will get Airtel validity of 84 days and unlimited calling with in the country, and 6Gb internet for 84 days.

This validity pack for airtel will run for 1 year in which you will get 24 GB internet, 3600 sms and unlimited calling for 1 year.


Friends, today we have given you complete information about airtel minimum recharge for incoming call, although airtel company also gives validity with data recharge plan, but airtel data plan is expensive than airtel validity plan, so if you are looking for Airtel validity, then use airtel validity plan.If you want to do Airtel Validity recharge online, then you can do airtel recharge from applications like Amazon, paytm, phone pe

. If you do not want to do Airtel recharge online, then you can also get recharge of all these Airtel plans at the recharge shop. If you want to get more mobile recharge plan information, than stay connected with our website.


What Is the Minimum Recharge of Airtel to Keep Number Active.

Minimum recharge of airtel to keep number active is 128

What Is the Airtel One Year Validity Plan.

1799 is the airtel one year validity plan

What Is the Airtel Minimum Validity Recharge Plan?

99 is the airtel minimum validity recharge plan

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