Nowadays, many people use jio sim in mobile phone, but many times people have to face call ended problem in jio sim. Due to which no outgoing calls can be made to any number. That’s why we have come up with many simple solutions to fix this problem, using which you can fix this problem in less than a minute.

Multiple Ways to Fix Call Ended Problem in Jio

Reboot Your Mobile

If you are facing jio call ended problem, foremost switch off and restart your mobile, by doing this your network signal gets refreshed and in most of the cases rebooting the mobile will solve the problem. Will be done. If doing this does not fix your jio calling problem, then follow the below method.

Clear cache of phone service app

  • To solve call ended problem in jio first go to the main setting of the phone then scroll down there after that open the app management (apps) option, or you can directly search that option in search section of the setting.
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  • After that, click on the option of manage apps option.

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  • Now you will see all the apps which are present in your mobile, then search or open the phone service option.
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  • After that, open the option of phone service, then click on the storage option.

    jio calling problem
  • now click on the option of clear cache, after clearing the cache option your call logs cache will be cleared.
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  • Now reboot your mobile.
  • After rebooting your problem will be solved, if you’re still facing that issue follow the below method.

Disable Caller ID Service

  • To fix jio call not working open your mobile’s phone dialer now dial #31# and make call on this number.

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  • After that, you will receive confirmation regrading outgoing caller ID service has been disabled, then click on ok option.

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  • Now again go to the main setting of your mobile and click on the sim cards and mobile networks option there.
  • Now switch off the mobile again and check whether your problem is solved or not.
    If the problem is still not solved, then follow the method below.

Always turn on the option of VoLTE

If Jio VoLTE is not working in your mobile then you will be not able to make calls, for this you have to enable VoLTE option.
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Select Preferred Network and roaming Option

  • to select preferred network option, go to main setting of the phone, then select the option of mobile network.
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  • Now select your jio sim.
  • WhatsApp Image 2022 11 10 at 7.08.07 PM
  • After that, click on the option of preferred network type option and then select the 4g option.
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  • Apart from this, turn on the option of mobile data roaming in the SIM card settings, so that you will never face the problem of call ended in jio.

Reset Network Setting

Many times resetting network setting will solve call ended problem in jio for this go to the main setting of the phone then search for reset network option.
After that you will see option of reset network setting by click on this, your sim’s network setting will be reset. By doing this, You will be able to call again on any number from Jio SIM.
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Change Sim Slot

If your call ends again and again while using jio sim then pull out your sim cards and place the jio sim in first slot of sim and switch off your mobile and turn it on

Check Your Prepaid Jio Sim Balance

Many times it happened that when you don’t have active plan or active plan doesn’t have unlimited calling facility in Jio sim then you will face Jio outgoing call not working problem so check your jio prepaid sim active calling plan.

Check Mobile Network

  • Many times it happens that due to low network coverage the signal of jio’s sim gets lost. but still there are some mobiles that show full signal even when the network signal is lost, in such situation you can switch off your mobile and turn it on again.
  • After turning the phone again, if there is no network signal is available of jio sim, then go to the main setting of the phone and then select network and internet option.
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  • Now select your jio sim and open the operator option.

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  • Now your phone will start searching Jio network towers if your phone will find suitable jio tower network then select the that jio 4g network and turn off the option auto select option.
  • By doing this, your call ended problem in jio network will resolve.

  • after that open option of mobile network option.
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Use Airplane Mode

Many times it happens that the network of Jio SIM is not refreshed on its own, due to which jio call ended problem starts in Jio SIM, to solve this problem swipe down the notification menu and then click on the airplane mode option.

After 2 or 3 minute turn of the option airplane mode, by doing this your jio sim network signal will refresh, and your problem will be solved.

Mobile Hardware Issue

If you have followed all the above-mentioned methods but still your problem is not getting solved. Then use another operator sim card and use it for calling if you are still not able to make cal from that sim then probably you have some issue with your mobile’s hardware for this go to mobile repair expert to get your problem fixed.


Today we have given several methods to fix jio sim call terminated issue, and we highly recommend that you reboot your mobile first before using any method as rebooting mobile will solve 70% of people’s problem. If rebooting mobile doesn’t fix your mobile, then follow other methods which will surely work.


How to Fix Jio Call Ended Problem in Samsung?

To fix jio call ended problem in Samsung, switch off your mobile and then restart it, by doing this your problem will get fixed. If your Samsung mobile is not 4g VoLTE then you can use jio voice app from play store to call in any number.

Why my call getting disconnected automatically after 15 minutes

If you are using call timer app in your mobile that it will automatically disconnect your call after 15 minutes for this do not install any such app in your mobile which automatically disconnects the call.

How to fix call not connecting Jio?

Call not connecting in jio problem is probably due to poor network coverage, for this you should use jio sim in good network coverage area. Apart from this you can also reboot your mobile to refresh jio network signal.

Why jio sim calling not working?

The main reason for Jio SIM calling not working can be the expiry of your jio calling plan, low network signal of Jio, VoLTE not enabled in mobile.

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