Many people use this unacademy app to join courses, but very few people would know that they can get 10% discount on paid subscription by using Unacademy referral code. Apart from this, if you refer people to this app, you can win Amazon vouchers, free laptops and other rewards. So today we will give the refer code of this app and full details of unacademy review, using which you can win the prize.

What is Unacademy App?

Unacademy App is the fastest growing Online Education Learning App that provides variety of courses for IIT, JEE, NEET, UG, CAT, SSC EXAMS, STATE PSCS and other competitive exams etc. Apart from this, it also provides Educator Jobs, so aspirants can apply for Educator Jobs.

Unacademy referral code get 10% discount & many rewards

  • Foremost, download and install Unacademy app from the link given below.
  • Now open the app, then enter your mobile number, then verify the account with OTP.
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  • After that the dashboard of the app will open then it will ask you to select the exam you want to prepare for. Now you will be asked to select the language of the course.
  • After selecting your preferred language, verify your email address and apply unacademy referral code – PLUS6KAWQ.
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  • After selecting your preferred language, verify your email address and apply unacademy referral code – PLUS6KAWQ.
    Unacademy Referral Code 2023
  • Now all the steps will be completed, after that you can buy membership at 10% discount using referral code for unacademy.

The person who refers the people will get the following benefits

  • The person who refers the people will earn up to Rs.2500 Amazon Voucher, but the company has put some restrictions in which you will get the benefit of referral only when the other person buys the subscription from Unacademy app.
  • But the company has imposed some restrictions, in which you will get the benefit of referral only when the other person buys the subscription from Unacademy app. Along with this, the company has started a separate referral program for Free Learner and Plus Iconic Learner.
  • After inviting people as Free Learner, if the person referred by you recharges within ₹ 5000 to ₹ 50000 then you can earn Amazon Voucher of ₹ 250 to ₹ 2500.
  •  Apart from this, if the person referred by you has bought a subscription of 5000 or more than you will get 1 month subscription free, but it will be available only once.
  • You can win a new laptop along with an Amazon voucher if you refer someone after joining the Iconic Learner subscription, but you need to make 5 successful referrals whose recharge amount is more than ₹10,000 to get this laptop. You can win a laptop after 6 months of these referrals.
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Unacademy Review:-

Unacademy app launch was launched in 2015 and since then till date this app has given its service to millions of people. To review this app, we have taken information from different sources, and together we have also used this app personally.

We wanted to get unacademy reviews by students, so we talked to people who are preparing for exams using Unacademy app, after listening to their reviews we found that most of them are satisfied with Unacademy app. And there are some people who have successfully passed high level exams using this app.

But there were some people among them who did not have a good experience with this app, but most of the people were satisfied with the courses offered by Unacademy app.

Apart from this, we also talked to the people having Iconic and Plus Subscription Membership of Unacademy App, and they told that taking Iconic Subscription of Unacademy App does not give much benefit because in this subscription they give extra facility of Mentor. Due to which, many people did not find it right to pay more money on Unacademy Iconic Subscription, so most people had bought the subscription of Unacademy Plus.

Some people said that if they join any other coaching center for the exam preparation, than their expenses will come up to 1.5 lakh. But with the use of Unacademy app, the cost of their coaching has come down to half.

Apart from this, that Subscription can be used by 2 people simultaneously, so that two people will be able to share the cost of the course among themselves.

Which makes it clear that Unacademy courses are much more affordable than physical coaching centers. Apart from this, we read many unacademy review on different websites, and we found negative comments as well as good comments, by reading which many people get confused.

That’s why we want to say that passing any exam depends on the hard work of the student. The harder the student works, the sooner he will be able to pass the exam.

Benefits of using the Unacademyapp:

  • Unacademy app provides various features and offers to its users as given below.
  • This app has Unacademy Plus subscription using which people can join various courses, live classes, mock tests, quizzes etc. and people can take advantage of this subscription fee for ₹ 3333/month.
  • In this app people can get teacher jobs in which teacher will earn money by uploading educational videos or giving lectures on their expertise.
  • This app gives the feel of a real life classroom, in which students can also use the feature called Raise Hand to ask their doubts.
  • Students pursuing the course can practice for the exam every week using mock tests or quizzes.
  • In the Unacademy app, students can record all the live classes so that students can watch the live classes again as per their convenience.
  • Unacademy App provides features like Performance Statistics, Practice Section, Batch Recommendation, Interactive Live Classes. Which are very helpful for the people.


After using unacademy referral code, you can get 10% instant discount on membership but for that you have to create account using our referral link only. Apart from this, you can also win many rewards by using Unacademy’s refer and earn program, but before referring people to this app, it is very important to know the rules and regulations of this program. For this, you go to the official website of Unacademy.


What is the referral code of Unacademy?

The referral code of the academy is PLUS6KAWQ.

What is the Customer Care number of Unacademy App?

Customer Care number is 91 8585858585.


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