Many students make separate notes for their studies, but very few people would know that they can earn money through their study notes. That’s why today we will give detailed information about note selling websites, so that people can easily sell notes and earn money online.

How to sell notes and earn money on Study Pool’s website

  • Study pool website has been created for students and tutors, in which they are given the opportunity to sell notes online and earn money by becoming a tutor. We’re personally using this website to earn money by uploading notes in INDIA, and we earned good amount of money from this website.
  • To earn money by sell your notes, visit the website of Study Pool website.
  • After opening the website, an option to become a cell docs and tutor will appear on the website. In Sell Docs option you can sell your notes of any subject at a good price and in Tutor option you can earn reliable income by becoming a tutor.
  • But now we are going to tell you an easy way to sell notes and earn money online. For this, follow the steps given below.

  • First click on 3 line icon then click on signup option.
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  • After that, create your account using email ID, google or Facebook.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 25 at 9.14.25 PM
  • After creating an account in the Studypool website, click on the Sell Documents option.
    how to sell sell notes and earn money online
  • Now there is an option of drag and drops your file, using which you can upload your notes of any subject.
    hwo to earn money by uploading notes in india
  • After uploading the notes, StudyPoll staff will check the quality of your notes if they find your notes useful, then your notes will be available for sale. When a student buys your notes a small part of the commission will be taken by the study pool website and the remaining amount will be deposited in your account, and you can transfer this money to PayPal, Transferwise and Western Union.

Important things to remember before uploading notes to Study Pool.

  • You can upload exam preparation material notes, practice exams and study guide notes which should be useful for the students. Apart from this, you can also upload reports, presentations, papers, homework notes, etc.
  • You can upload notes of different languages ​​in the Study Pool website.
  •  According to the website of Studypool, always use such notes whose title is attractive and powerful, which will increase the sale of your notes.
  • You can upload different types of notes like .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .doc etc. If you have more notes, then instead of uploading those notes one by one, you can upload them in zip file.
  • The notes will be verified by the Studypool team within 48 hours, then these notes will be listed for sale on the Studypool website.
  • This website only accepts high quality notes, if you are uploading content with low quality notes then it will be rejected by studypool team.
  • Always add additional information to notes such as a strong title, course description, and tags. Because not having this information can reduce the sale of your notes and this can affect your earnings.
  • Duplicate and copyrighted content is strictly prohibited. If any person is found uploading copy content, his/her account will be suspended.
  • Some other websites on which you can sell notes
  • in this website, selling handwritten notes option is also available.

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Some other best note selling websites


Stuvia website is located in the United Kingdom and this website supports notes from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium Germany, Spain, France, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Canada, United States, Indonesia country. If you have higher studies notes, then you can earn a lot by selling the notes on Stuvia website.

Nexus notes

Nexus Notes is a very good website to sell notes online. In this website you can upload course summary, lecture notes, study guide etc. And the best thing about this website is that it verifies the grades of the students. If you have good grades in your study, then you can earn more money from this website.

This website only accepts notes from Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Notes mate

This is the best website to sell notes online india because this website is located in New Delhi, INDIA and this website provides earning in rupees. Notes Mate also has an Android app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. You can upload different types of subject notes on its website, then you can sell study notes by fixing the price of those notes.


The documerit website launched in 2019, till now more than 40 thousand students are using the documerit website. In this website you can sell all type of study notes and the best part is you can set your own price for the notes, and you can earn up to 85% of every sale. The money earned from the website can be easily transferred to PayPal account so this website can be used globally.


OneClass is the fastest growing website for students, where students can earn money by answering questions and uploading notes. Documents such as text books or study guides can be uploaded to this website. After that, If any student will open your document then you will get credits then these credits can be withdrawn in cash.


Today we have given information about some such websites, using which any person can sell notes and earn money online. If you are a student and looking for notes, then this website can give you high quality notes for studies. As we have already mentioned that all website accepts only genuine and high quality notes, so always try to upload high quality notes.

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