Many people order eyeglasses or sunglasses online from the online lenskart application. But many times due to the high price of the product, people are not able to buy that product.

Keeping this in mind, Lenskart has started Gold Membership, in which people are given extra discount on ordering, currently the price of this Gold Membership is ₹ 600. But today we will tell you the best way to get lenskart gold membership free.

What is the LensKart gold membership?

Lenskart gold membership is the paid membership By using which people are eligible to get many discount offers on their order.

How to Get Lenskart Gold Membership Free?

  • First download the MakeMyTrip from the Play Store, now open the app, then make an account in MakeMyTrip app.
  • After getting an account, app dashboard will be opened, now click on the three dot line option.
  • Now there will be coupon lounge option, click on it.
  • After that, click on the lenskart icon under the top brand option.
  • After clicking on this option, there will be lenskart gold membership coupon code available.
    Now copy that coupon code for lenskart.
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  • After that, open the lenskart application, Then add the lenskart gold membership to the cart.
  • After adding gold membership to the cart, there will apply coupon option where you can apply MakeMyTrip’s lenskart membership free coupon code.
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  • After applying that coupon code, you will get lenskart membership free for 1 year.

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How to redeem this free Lenskart gold membership?

  • To redeem that gold membership, click on the link given below.
  • After that, a Lk gold membership page will open in your browser or app.
  • Now click on the buy option, after that there will be applied coupon option click on that and apply that coupon code.
  • When this coupon code is successfully applied in your cart your total order will be zero rupees now place that order.
  • Now, your membership will be activated for 1 year for free.

How to use LensKart gold membership in app?

  • To use gold membership in LensKart app, first add product in the cart. Then you will get 10 to 30% discount automatically on eyeglasses or sunglasses.
  • If you want to avail lenskart buy 1 get 1 offer then you must have to add two products then you will get second product for free.

Benefit of using lenskart gold membership

  • By using gold membership of Lenskart people are eligible for lenskart buy 1 get 1 offer in which people will get free eyeglasses and sunglasses on their each order.
  • People will get 10% to 30% discount on eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • People can use this membership three times per month and 12 times in a year.
    This membership also works in LensKart offline store.
  • People will get free contact lens solution on buying contact lens.
  • By using this membership, people will get two free home visits, which means people can try eyeglasses and sunglasses at their home.

Term and condition of membership?

  • Buy get one free offer is valid only on specific eyeglasses frames like LensKart air, Vincent chase, john jacobs, hooper and new balance eyeglasses and buy get one free offer is valid only on eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • People will get 10% off on Fossil Eyeglasses and aqualens contact lenses.
  • This membership is valid for 365 days
  • This membership benefit available in app, website, offline stores and home Try-On services.


Friends, today we have given you information about of getting lenskart gold membership free. The offer mentioned by us is being given by MakeMyTrip app, but this offer can be closed anytime in the coming time, so get the benefit of this offer as soon as possible.


What is the price of LensKart gold membership?

LensKart gold membership price is 600 rupees for a yea, 700 rupees for 2 year and people can renew their membership for only 300 rupees 350.

Can I buy this LensKart membership on their website?

Yes, people can buy LensKart membership on their website.


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