How to use zenly app & what is zenly app used for

Many times it happens that a member of our family or our loved ones goes to some unknown place for some work, then we start worrying about them all the time. To ease this worry, we recommend you to download the Zenly app because with this app you can track the location of your friend or family member and you can do live chat with them for 24 hours.

What Is Zenly App Used For?

zenly app is a location tracking app, through this app the live location of known persons can be tracked and also while tracking location we can do text chat with that person, along with this zenly app has many options related to privacy, By which we can hide our personal location from a particular person.

How to Use Zenly App?

  • Foremost, you have to download the zenly app by going to the link given below.
  • Now open the app and fill your name, then proceed further.
  • After then fill your date of birth and proceed further by clicking on the next icon.
  • Now fill your mobile number and click on the next button, Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, fill it there.
  • After that, the option of allow to run in background will appear there, by clicking on it, the app has to be given permission.
  • After giving permission, the option of find me will appear there, after clicking on it, you will also have to give permission for the location.
  • After giving all the permissions, now by clicking on the next button, you have to come to the dashboard of zenly app.
  • After coming to the dashboard, the location icon will appear there, by clicking on which you can see your live location.
  • Now the person whose live location you want to see, foremost, that person has to be added as a friend in the app.
  • To add a friend in the zenly app, you have to click on the friend option.
  • how to use zenly app
  • After clicking, the name of the person who is using the zenly app in your contact list will appear there. If any person in your contact list is not using zenly app, then you can ask him to create account on zenly app by sending him a link of app via WhatsApp. When that person will create an account in zenly app, then you can add that person in your friend list.
  • Now whoever is using the zenly app, send a friend request to that person.
  •  what is zenly app used for
  • If the other person accepts your friend request, you can see their live location all the time.
  • After adding a friend, if you want to track the location of that friend, then you have to click on the search option of the app, then select the person whose location you want to track.
  • Now you can see the live location of that person and the charging of that person’s phone will also show on the Zenly app.
  • how to use zenly
  • If you want, you can also send text messages, voice messages and emojis to that person by clicking on the message option.
  • Any person who is using zenly app, if he accepts your friend request, then can easily see live location of that person.

Most Important Zenly Tips and Tricks

You can control the zenly app by making some changes in the main setting of the zenly app.

  • To customize the zenly app, click on the Settings icon to open the main setting of the zenly app.
  • Now you will see some important option there like Ghost Mode, Privacy Setting and Map Option, you can control zenly app by making some changes in these three options, and we have given detailed information about these three options below, by reading which you can turn these options on or off.

Ghost Mode

After opening this option, you will see three types of Precise, Blurred and Frozen Options.


If you add your friend to this option, then that person will be able to track you along with seeing your live location.


If you put any of your friends in this option, then that person will not be able to see your exact location, so that he will only able to see the surrounding location.


If you keep a friend in this option, then he will not be able to see your location.

To add any friend in these three options, put a tick above the name of that friend, then add selected person in the option with precise, blurred and frozen.

Privacy Setting

  • In this option you will see 4 types of options.
  • Private mode, opt -out of lists of suggestion, limit username friending, hide phone number

Private Mode

By turning on this option, only the person in your phone’s contact list will be able to send you friend requests.

Opt -Out of Lists of Suggestion

After turning on this option, your zenly app ID will be removed from the ‘you might know them’ option, so that your friend’s friends will not see your ID.

Limit Username Friending

After turning on this option, only your mutual friends will be able to send you friend request through username.

Hide Phone Number

Using this option, no one outside your contact list will be able to see your phone number.

Map Options

  • After clicking on this option, the option of traffic will be seen at the top, by which you can see live traffic in the map.
  • You can choose maps of google map or mapbox under the traffic key option.


Friends, today we have given you information about the location tracking app Genly, through which you can track the location of your friends as well as chat with them, but we would advise you to use the privacy setting of the Genly app, So that your location is visible only to those people whom you can trust, because it is not safe to give your live location to every person.


What is zenly app used for

zenly app is made to track live location of friends as well as live chat with them, zenly app can track live location of any person all over the world.

Is zenly app safe to use

yes zenly app safe to use because zenly is a location based application, and it takes some necessary permission of the phone by asking you everytime and all the applications present on the play store have to go through the security check measurement of google. If the app’s coding has been done incorrectly to take personal information of users, then Google removes that application from the Play Store.

Is zenly app free

yes zenly app is free.

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