How To Use screenpinning In Android 10,11,12

 How To Use screenpinning In Android 10,11,12-Welcome friends! Today we will tell you about such a feature present in Android phone which can prove to be very useful in your daily life. Friends, the name of this feature is screenpinning in android. With this feature, a particular app in Android mobile, which you want to show to any third person, the same app will be locked in your screen, which means that the same app will appear in your mobile and all the data of the already existing phone will be hidden.

                        This feature is very useful for those people who want to give their phone to someone or parents want to give it to their children. Friends, this feature is included in all the new phones running nowadays, you can use the screen pinning feature in your phone by following my simple steps. for complete information about screenpinning In Android 10,11,12 read our post begging to end.


How To Use screenpinning In Android 10,11,12?

  • To use  screenpinning In Android, first you have to go to the settings of your Android phone. Then you have to click on the security tab or when you open thesetting, there is a search option at the top, in that you can type screen pinning, this option will come automatically, then you have to click on this option. Will have to do it
  • This  screenpinning In Android will start as soon as you turn it on. Now what you have to pin, that is, the app which you have to lock on your screen, open that app, after opening you will have to click on the recent tab, then below you will see a pin option as you have given below. As you can see from the photo taken, as soon as you click on that pin, your app will be locked on the screen.
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  • You can just use the same app if you want to exit that app then you have to press the back button in your mobile for one or 2 seconds then you have to enter the password of your already given mobile, from this you can again You can use your mobile as before.
  •  How To Use screenpinning In Android 10,11,12
  • Friends screen pinning will be the advantage that the app that you have pinned will remain open as well as you can navigate anywhere in that app. But you cannot close that app or go out of it, friends, with this feature you can keep your data private because if you give anyone to use your mobile, then you can use this feature. You can keep your data private as well as parents who can control their children’s mobile usage.

Friends, today we have given you complete information in screenpinning In Android, through which the privacy of mobile can be increased further. If you need any kind of help regarding screenpinning in android mobile then you can forget us by commenting below.


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