Apps are the important part of the android mobile and people are installing different kind of apps every day. But many times it happened that when peoples trying to install their favorite app they get error of package conflicts. That’s why today we are going to tell you some easy method by following which you can easily solve app not installed as package conflicts problem.

Simple Ways to Fix App Not Installed as Package Conflicts with An Existing Package

Duplicate Name Apps Install

The main reason for app not installed problem can be that the app you are installing is already present in your phone with the same name, then the Package Conflicts error will come to your mobile screen. To fix this, do not try to install two apps of the same name in the phone. Usually, removing the duplicate named app fixes this problem, if your problem is not fixed then follow the method below.

App Data Not Deleted

Nowadays, many new Android phones give the option to save the data of that app before deleting the app. That’s why many people choose the option of keeping the data while deleting the app, by doing this the deleted app will leave its data in the phone so that if the person tries to install that app again in the phone then the app will give Package Conflicts error. To fix it error, follow the below method.

How to fix App Not Installed as Package Conflicts with An Existing Package
  • Open the main setting of your mobile and then search or find the option of app management.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 12 at 5.26.28 PM
  • After this open the app management option, there you will see all the apps of your mobile.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 11 12 at 5.27.04 PM
  • Now find the app in which you are facing problem.
  • After searching If you get that app, open that app and click on uninstall option, by doing this that app’s data will get removed.
  • Now try to install that app again, that app will install successful.


Today we have told simple methods by following you can fix package conflicts problem in any app. If your problem is not solved even after following all the methods mentioned by us, then the main reason could be non-optimized coding in third party apps because many times different android versions are not compatible with third party app. That’s why, if possible, try to download that app from play store.


How to fix pg sharp app not installed as package conflicts with an existing package

Pg sharp app mostly supports older version of android OS if you are trying to install pgsharp app in new version of android OS then you will face that error. To fix that error, try to install pg sharp app in older version of android OS.

How to Fix Minecraft App Not Installed Package Conflicts Error

If there is an app in your phone whose name is minecraft, then uninstall that app and install the original minecraft app. If your problem does not get fixed by doing this then check the minecraft app’s OBB folder in file manager if OBB folder OS minecraft is present in file manager then delete that folder and try to install that app again.

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