Welcome back guys! Many people use WhatsApp, but using the same font over and over again on WhatsApp starts feeling bored, so today we will tell you a way by which you will be able to change different types of WhatsApp font style. Today we will tell you three ways, in two ways we will change the WhatsApp font style through the app and in third way we will tell such a trick by which the writing style in WhatsApp can be changed easily.

How to Change Writing Style in Whatsapp Using Android App

  • To change whatsapp font style First of all you have to download the fonts keyboard app by going to the link given below.
Download File
  • After downloading, open the app, then enter your date of birth and click on get started icon.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 05 22 at 11.22.28 PM
  • After clicking, the icon of enable fonts keyboard will appear, click on it and then click on switch to fonts.
    how to change font style in whatsapp
  • Now you will see the icon of fonts, turn it on.
    how to change whatsapp font style
  • Now the page to change the language will open, thereafter selecting the language of your country, click on OK.
    WhatsApp Image 2022 05 22 at 11.27.35 PM 1
  • Now slide icons will appear from the top, after sliding them, select whatever fonts you like by clicking on them.
    how to write in different fonts in whatsapp
  • When you type there, the fonts you have selected will appear there.
  • Doing this will change the font style in WhatsApp.

How to Change Font Style in Whatsapp without App

  • To change font style in whatsapp without app foremost you have to open the chat window of WhatsApp, if you want to type in bold letters there, before and after writing anything, type * and then send it. Doing this will make that sentence bold. For example - * hello dear*
    how to change whatsapp font style
  • If you want to send words in italic style on WhatsApp, put an underscore dash ( _ ) In front and last of the whole sentence, For example - _hello dear_
    WhatsApp Image 2022 05 22 at 11.11.44 PM 1
  • If you want to put a line in any sentence or word on whats app, then you have to put this ~ symbol in front and behind of that word. For example= ~hello dear~
    WhatsApp Image 2022 05 22 at 11.16.52 PM
  • To write a sentence or word in comos form on whats app, a symbol with ``` Has to be applied three times in front of the word. For example = `` hello friends```
    WhatsApp Image 2022 05 22 at 11.18.21 PM 1
  • If you want to message a particular person in the group, then you can easily talk to him by typing his name in blue color. To do this, first you have to come to the group and type @ there.
  • after typing the names of all the members of the group will appear there, then select the person you want to talk to, by doing this the name of that person the color will turn blue.
    For example- @parveen

How to Write Colorful Text in Whatsapp Using Andriod App

  • To change writing style in whatsapp foremost you have to download the zfont app by the link given below.
Download File
  • After downloading, open the app, after that whatever permission the app asks for, it has to be given.
  • After the dashboard of the app is opened, there will be an icon of see all, click on it.
    how to change typing style in whatsapp
  • After clicking, you will see many stylish colored fonts, download the font which you like.
    how to change keyboard writing style in whatsappWhatsApp Image 2022 05 22 at 11.32.47 PM 2
  • After downloading, the apply icon will appear, click on it.
  • After clicking, you will see three types of options replace with theme font, support dai characters, font styles (old oppo).
    how to change font style in whatsapp status
  • Replace with Theme Font -If you select this option, these fonts will be replaced by the theme on your phone.
  • Support Dai Characters - In this option you have to download and install the stylish font, after selecting the regional location Myanmar in the phone, go to Display and Brightness option and install the downloaded font manually.
  • Font Styles (old Oppo)- If you use old mobile of oppo company, then select this option.
  • Select whichever option out of these three works in your phone and apply the font.
  • By doing this, whenever you type something on WhatsApp, all those fonts will be colorful show.


Friends, today we have given you complete information about changing writing style in WhatsApp. We have told such 3 ways by which you can change font style in WhatsApp in 2 minutes. If you are facing any problem while doing change writing style in whatsapp, then ask us by commenting below.


What is the Whatsapp Font Tricks?

For whatsapp font tricks, you can use the following symbols which are given with examples like -*hello dear*, _hello dear_ , ~hello dear~ , ``` hello friends .

How to Change Font Style in Whatsapp in Samsung?

1. first of all you have to go to the main setting of samsung mobile.
2. after opening the display setting, click on the option of font size and styles.
3. then there you will find the setting of font style, there you can download new fonts or apply fonts already existing.
4. after applying new fonts, the fonts on your whats app should also be changed.

How to Change Font Size on Whatsapp Web?

To change fonts on whatsappweb, open the website by clicking on this link after selecting your favorite fonts from there, copy and paste on whatsappweb.

How to Change Font Style in Whatsapp in Iphone?

iphone में फोंट्स बदलने के लिए lingojam वेबसाइट का उपयोग कर सकते हो.

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