Welcome back guys! 5G internet has been launched in many countries, but many people are still using 4G mobile, due to which they are not able to take advantage of 5G internet service. that’s why today we will tell some methods to convert 4G mobile to 5G, Through which 4G mobile users will also be able to take advantage of 5G internet speed.

How to Convert 4g Mobile to 5g Using Trick

You cannot use 5g network in 4g mobile, but you can get 5g internet speed by using 5g APN setting given below.

  • Foremost, go to the phone’s Settings, then click on More Settings.
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  • Now click on the option of Mobile Network.
  • 4g and 5g
  • Now there will be access point names option, click on it.
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  • After clicking, open the option to create a new APN there.
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  • After opening, there you have to fill the universal 5g APN setting that are given below.
Universal 5g apn settingsDetails
Name4.4.8.8 5g
Proxynot set
Portnot set
Usernamenot set
Passwordnot set
MMSCnot set
MMSC Proxynot set
MCCnot set
MNCnot set
Authentication Typenot set
APN Typedefault
APN Protocol ipv4 / ipv6
APN Roaming Protocol ipv4 / ipv6
  • After clicking on the name option, type’ 5g ‘.
  • Write,’ 5G ‘ NOT 4G in the APN option.
  • Let the proxy option also be on not set.
  • Keep the port option on not set.
  • Let the option of username also be on not set.
  • Keep the password option set as a note.
  • In the server option, type www.google.com.
  • Keep the option of MMSC on not set.
  • Also keep the MMSC Proxy option on not set.
  • Keep MNC option also not set.
  • Also keep the option with Authentication Type on not set.
  • In the option with APN Type, write default.
  • Select the ipv4 / ipv6 option in the APN Protocol option.
  • Select ipv4 / ipv6 in the APN Roaming Protocol option.
  • In bearer key option select all option having LTE, hspap, hspa, hsupa, hsdpa, umts, edge, gprs, eHRPD, EVDO_B, EVDO_B, EVDO_0, 1XRTT, IS95B, IS95A, do not select only unspecified option.
  • After filling the APN settings, save it and then activate it.
  • Now switch off the mobile and turn it on again.
  • Then you can download Speed test app from play store to test the speed of 5ginternet.

Buy 5g Router for Fiber Internet

To get 5G internet in mobile, you can buy 5g fiber Wi-Fi modem by installing broadband connection of any company, so that you can use 5G internet in 3G or 4G phone as well. By using connection of fiber 5G WiFi, you will get good ping while playing games, and you will get fast internet speed like 5G.
how to convert 4g mobile to 5g


Today We have told how to convert 4g mobile to 5g, by following which you can easily take advantage of 5 g internet speed, but we would advise you to buy 5g mobile to get all the benefits of 5 g services.


Will 4g phones work on 5g network?

Different types of chips are given in 4G and 5G mobile phones, whose band frequency is different. Bands of 4G mobiles work on LTE technology and bands of 5G mobiles work on NR technology, due to which 5G mobiles are of higher frequency than 4G mobiles and those 5G mobiles give more internet speed. So it is not possible to use 5g network in 4g phone, but you can avail 5g like internet speed by using global 5g APN setting, or you can also avail 5g internet speed by using 5g fiber Wi-Fi connection.
will 4g phones work on 5g network

Can i use 4g sim in 5g phone?

yes, 3G or 4G sim works in all 5G phones because 5G mobile also has all those frequency bands which are required for 3G or 4G network.

Is 5g better than LTE?

yes, 5G is better than 4g because 5G internet has lower latency than 4G, due to which people using 5G internet get more internet speed as well as good video quality, lower ping in multiplayer games.

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