Welcome back guys! Sudoku game was first published in the year 1979, since then the game has become very famous among people. With the change of time, this game is available on websites, Android and iOS platforms, which is played by millions of people in today’s time. There are many Sudoku app available on the Android Play Store, but many of them don’t work properly, that’s why today we bring you five best sudoku app without ads . After playing which you can enjoy the best Sudoku app experience.

Best Sudoku App for Android without Ads List

Andoku Sudoku 3

Andoku Sudoku 3 app is on the first place in the list of best sudoku app for android because it is very well-designed so that there is no problem in playing it. If you do not know how to play soduku game, then very good tutorials have been given in this game, through which you can easily learn to play soduku app. Along with this, many game variants are seen in the Soduku app, whose difficulty ranges from very easy to very difficult. Being the best sudoku app without ads, it does not spoil your gaming experience.

NameAndoku Sudoku 3

Andoku Sudoku 3 Features

  • If you are playing Sudoku app, it will automatically save your progress.
  • You can do unlimited times undo and redo.
  • This game can be converted to dark theme and the primary colors can also be changed.
  • The game can be cloud synced to websites like Google Drive, Drop Box and WebDAV.
  • There are 9 types of difficulty levels in the game.
  • Different types of game variants are seen in this such as – x Sudoku, hyper Sudoku, percent Sudoku, color soduku.

Genina.com Sudoku

Genina.com Sudoku is the best Sudoku app without ads because it has user-friendly UI design, and you can also change the settings of this game as per your convenience. If there is any kind of confusion while playing extreme puzzles in this app.
Then you can use the hint feature and watch that prompt play again slowly, so that you can learn to walk smoothly by following logic. It saves your game automatically so that you can play the game again from where you left off and also this Sudoku app has very few ads which makes the gaming experience good.

Genina.Com Sudoku Features

  • There are four different difficulty labels in this Sudoku app.
  • The game you play is automatically saved.
  • In this sudoku app, you also get the option of pencil and eraser with autofill option, so that you can mark there.
  • AI intelligent hints are available in this game, which use only logic.
NameAndoku Sudoku 3
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Sudoku – Classic Brain Puzzle

We have placed it in the category of best sudoku app for android because The ui of this sudoku app is user-friendly and simple so that the game can be played easily. The ui of this sudoku app is user-friendly and simple so that the game can be played easily. Different types of challenging levels are available in this game with pencil notation facility and also a customized game can be created.

In the game, the size of the board and numbers are large and the numbers used together also become highlighted. Some ads appear while playing the game, thereby improving the gaming experience.

Sudoku – Classic Brain Puzzle Features

  • Eight different types of labels are seen in this sudoku app.
  • Ai hint feature is available through which sudoku helps in solving the puzzle.
  • The carrier static function tracks the progress of your game all the time.
  • You can make your own costume puzzle in this Sudoku app.
NameSudoku – classic brain puzzle feature’s
best sudoku app for android

MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles

The Sudoku app has a variety of easy, medium, and difficult levels as well as multi-grid level puzzles and all these levels run from 2-grid variation to a 3-grid variation. With this, there are very few advertisements in the game, so that your game play does not get spoiled.

MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles Features

  • 72 types of free multisudoku puzzle samples are available in the game.
  • Variants of 2,3,4,5 different types of grid puzzles are available.
  • Different types of easy to hard levels will be found.
  • Pencil marks features are available for solving hard puzzles.
  • Google Drive SIM data can be backed up and restored.
NameMultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles
best sudoku app without ads

Sudoku – The Clean One

Along with being the best Sudoku app free, its pro version also comes which offer many extra features. This Sudoku app is very convenient to use and offers a lot of customization options. Features such as assists and changing the color of the theme are available so that players customize to make the game suitable to their level and comfort. More ads are seen in this game, but the pro version of this game also comes, using which ads can be turned off, so that the experience of playing the game is not spoiled.

Sudoku – the Clean One Features

  • The theme can be changed while playing this Sudoku app.
  • There are 5 types of difficulty levels in this Sudoku game.
  • This game works even after the player is offline.
  • The option of pencil marks is available.
  • The feature of board validation is available.
NameSudoku – The Clean One


Friends, today we told you about five best Sudoku apps without ads, after using which you can get the best online Sudoku experience. Even though the best Sudoku apps are free, there are fewer ads in them, which makes the experience of running the app better.


What Is the Name of Sudoku App with Auto Pencil Marks?

The name of the app is sudoku genina.com, in which the feature of auto pencil marks is available.

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