If you have a lot of difficulty in making Habit, then you can use Habit Making Apps. Below we have discussed some of the best habit tracker app by choosing any of these apps, you can make your habit and meet your goal.

Best Habit Tracker App List

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 habitify App

 habitify app was launched in 2019, till now more than 100K people have downloaded this app. By using this habit building app people can create their new habit and this app has many features like yearly calendar, collection habits, skip your habits, unlimited reminders, track unlimited habit etc. This is the free habit tracker app, but some features of this app are paid, so people have to spend money to use their paid features.

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Avocation App

The Avocation app was launched in 2019, so far more than 10 lakh people have downloaded this app on the Play Store. People can use this best tracking app to achieve their dream goals by creating new habits and also people can organize their daily routine plans. This app has many free features like people can create 5 habits, free access to lessons, customer reminders and time travel etc.

This app has paid feature like people can create unlimited habits, people can change color of habit, use unlimited reminders and bonus karma points but for this feature people have to spend money.

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Loop Habit Tracker

Loop is the best habit tracker app which is downloaded by more than 5 million people and this app has more than 3 plus rating on play store. The best thing about this app is that it does not have any irritating ads, so that it does not spoil the experience of the users while using the app.

There are many cool features in this app like it will give you habits core feature, detail graph and statistics, widgets, app even without internet connection etc.

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Habitica : Simplify your tasks

Habitica is the oldest app which was launched in 2015 and till now the app has been downloaded by more than 1 million people. People can use this app to create new habits and it has many features which work very well to create new habits. Key features of the app are Color Coded Tasks, Avatar Customization, Reminders & Widgets, Customize Color Theme, etc.

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Everyday habit tracker

This app has been launched in 2018 and now more than 100K people have downloaded this app. This app has many features like structuring your day and managing your routine, visualizing your progress and reaching your goals, many lessons to learn the science of habits, etc.

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Productive – Habit Tracker

The Productive Habiter app has been downloaded by over 1 million people from the Play Store. There are many useful features in this habit building app like people can schedule their work, set reminder. Apart from this the app also has some paid features like motivation statistics of each habit, unlimited number of habits can be displayed in paid feature.

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Habit Now – Daily Routine Planner

In the Inhabit Now app, people can create new habits by creating routine plans and reminders. This app has many useful features like people can complete their tasks, reminders, alarm option to track your habit progress and this app gives you medals on completing goals.

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Rabbit: Habit Tracker & Planner

Rabbit app is one of the best tracking app in play store which has been downloaded by more than 1 million people. It has many useful features like to-do list, create a streak by completing daily goals, light and dark theme is available using which you can change the color of this app. In addition, the app also has a premium subscription by subscribing to it, allowing people to access widgets and sync progress to the cloud.

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coach.me – Habit Tracking and Bu

People can track and build a new habit using the many features of this app. There are many features in this app like people can hire their coach by paying some amount and this app has very simple interface due to which people can use this app very easily.

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Habit Tracker – Proddy

This app has more than 100k download and has 3 + rating in Play Store. By using this app people can build their habitat within few weeks because this app has unique features like focus timer, people can create a reason for their habits, habit tracking Analytics etc.

In this app people can buy paid subscription in which people can assess their premium features like unlimited habits and journaling, Procrastination Strategies, unlock all audio lessons, mod and habit statistics and daily motivation stuff.

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We have personally tested all the habit making apps mentioned by us, and we have also got very good results from it. That’s why you can be sure to use any habit making apps. Generally, many functions are free in the apps mentioned by us, but there are some such paid features which are very beneficial in making Habit, so you can take advantage of premium features by spending little money.

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