If you are very fond of listening to audiobooks, then today we will give you information about the best audiobooks apps in India. In which thousands of audiobooks and e-books are present. We have discussed all the best audiobook app below, from which you can choose your favorite audiobook.

Best Audiobooks Apps list in 2023

Pocket Fm

Pocket FM is a famous book listening app and podcast app, this app has been downloaded by more than 50 million people on Play Store. This app provides podcasts and stories in 6 different languages of India.

Pocket FM app contains audio books of different categories like Drama, Fantasy, Superpower, Suspense, Thriller, Romance and many more categories are available in this app

Paid and free audio book downloads are available in Pocket FM app. Money will have to be spent to buy paid audiobooks, or people can also buy a subscription to Pocket FM, so that people can listen to paid audiobooks for free.

If you don’t want to buy paid subscription of pocket FM app then you can buy coins by paying through debit card or credit card, after buying these coins you can buy audiobooks and novels in pocket Fm app.

Refer and earn option is available in this app. In which after referring, if your friend successfully completes the first transaction in the app, you will get 200 coins for free.

Apart from this, there is also a radio option in this app, in which people can listen to Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati and other Indian language radios, along with this, people can also listen to English-speaking courses and relaxing music.

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Kuku FM

Kuku FM is India’s most popular audio book and stories app, downloaded by 10 million+ users and has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store.

If we talk about the main feature of Kuku FM, then this app provides various categories of audio books and entertainment stories in 7 different Indian languages.

In addition, the KUKU FM app provides Horror, Love Story, Crime Story and other self-improvement books in audio form.

Many books are paid in this app, but people can access this paid books by paying monthly fee of Rs 99 or yearly fee of Rs 899.

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Audible App

Audible is the fastest growing audio book and podcast app on the Play Store, with over 100 million downloads. This app provides story books, novels, news and many more stuff on audio format.

The app also provides the facility to download, using which people can listen to their favorite audio books even without an internet connection.

People can access free audio book downloads and paid audio books download. If you want to buy paid book then you have to buy audible subscription. Through which you can listen to thousands of audio books and podcasts for free.

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Pratilipi Fm app

Pratilipi Fm is the fastest growing free audio books app with over 5 million downloads from the Play Store.

The app provides audio books, audio stories and audio podcasts in Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Gujarati languages.

This app provides categories such as Romance, Entertainment, Business & Finance, Self Help & Motivation, Health & Crime audio books and many more and the best thing about this app is that most of the audio books are free of cost.

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Google Play Books & Audiobooks

The Google Play Books app is made by Google and is the most downloaded book listening app.
Which has been downloaded by more than one billion people on Play Store. People can buy e-books, audio books and comics etc.

Google Play Book app has the largest audio book collection so that people can listen favorite audio book here.

This app provides many features to the people, such as people can see a sample of the audiobook before buying it and people can earn Google Play points on every purchase.

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GIGL Audio Book App

GIGL Audio App has been downloaded by more than 1 million people from Play Store. This app provides the best audiobooks, summaries, stories and eBooks in Hindi and English language. This app has category option through which people can find their favorite audio book or e-book.

Most of the audio books in this app are free, but some audio books are paid. To listen to these paid audiobooks, people have to buy the premium subscription of the app.

A part of this app also has referral program through which people can earn 20% commission when the referral will buy subscription in the app.

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Storytell App

Storytel App is India’s famous app and this app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people on play store. This app is available in more than 10 Indian languages and most of the audio books and eBooks in this app are free but for listening paid audio books people have to buy their subscription which starts from Rs.149 per month and second starts from Rs 299 per months.

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yebook app

yebook book listening app is created by famous YouTuber Muddassir khan. This person has more than 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and the yebook app has been downloaded by more than 500k people on the Play Store.

This app contains audio books and story books in Hindi and English language. In this app people can listen free and paid audio books but to listen paid audio books people can buy their yearly membership starting from Rs 365

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The subscription amount of all these best audiobooks apps may change from time to time. That’s why all these apps can increase or decrease their subscription amount, so visit their official website for complete details of app’s subscription.

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