How to Apply Paytm Hdfc Credit Card Online ( upto 1lakh limit)

Welcome back friend! Many people want to use a credit card, but it is difficult to get a credit card from the bank because there are many formalities to be completed to get a credit card from the bank. If any one of the formalities remains incomplete, then the bank does not issue the credit card, that’s today we will give complete information about that credit card, through which you can easily apply for paytm HDFC credit card.

What Are the Paytm Hdfc Credit Card Benefits?

After taking paytm HDFC credit card, if you make purchases of more than 50,000 within 90 days, then the fee charged on the credit card of 1000 annually will be waived. With this, if you make more than 1.5 lakh purchases in a year, then the renewal fee of 1000 will also be waved off.
After applying Paytm HDFC Credit Card, you will get Paytm First Membership for free.
If you use paytm HDFC credit card on paytm mall, movies and travel related services, then you will get cashback of up to 5% And you will get up to 2% cashback on using the credit card on other services.
Cashback of up to 5% will be available on using Paytm HDFC credit card on services like Shopping, Dining, Travel & Hotel Booking. After 3 months, if you do shopping of more than 50,000 with your credit card, then you will get a gift voucher of ₹ 500, which you can use on the online shopping platform.

Paytm Hdfc Credit Card Eligibility

Civil score should be at least up to 700.
Age should be above 18 years.
You must have aadhar card and pan card.
A person doing business or job will be given a credit card.

How to Paytm Hdfc Credit Card Apply Online

  • To apply for Paytm HDFC credit card, open the paytm app, then at the top there will be an icon of apply with the option of paytm credit card, click on it.
  • paytm hdfc credit card apply
  • If you do not see the option of Paytm Credit Card there, then search for Paytm Credit Card in the search option above.
  • Those who are eligible for Paytm HDFC credit card will see this option, if this option is not visible then it means you are not eligible for credit card, to be eligible for credit card you have to keep using paytm and Keep your civil score good. By doing this you will get the option of paytm hdfc credit card.
  • After clicking on the Apply option, a new page will open. In the bottom, click on the hdfc paytm credit card apply option.
  • paytm hdfc credit card apply online
  • If you have done full KYC of Paytm, then the name present on your PAN card will appear. If you have not done KYC, then fill your full name there, then after clicking on the tick box, proceed further by clicking on the proceed option.
  • After clicking, an OTP will be sent to your Paytm linked mobile number. After filling it, proceed further by clicking on the verify that option.
  • Now you have to fill personal details, occupation detail and address detail.

  • In personal details you have to fill email, date of birth and gender.
  • Then in occupation detail option if you are self-employed, then fill your business name and profession. If you take salary every month by doing job, then fill the company name and designation.
  • Fill the full address of your home in the address detail option, but keep in mind that the address should match with the address on your Aadhaar card.
  • Then select the tick box and click on the submit icon.
  • After clicking on submit, Paytm will verify all your details. After verification, Paytm will inform you about your eligibility to take your credit card.
  • If you are eligible for credit card then congratulation icon will appear.
  • hdfc paytm credit card apply
  • On bottom personal detail option will appear, by clicking on it fill your mother’s name, email address and fill your office address.
  • After filling the details, you have to click on the option of start verification.
  • for verification you have to keep the original copy of PAN card and Aadhaar card with you and keep that mobile number which is linked to Aadhaar card After collecting all the documents, click on the Proceed option.
  • After clicking, Paytm will verify all your details again. After verifying the details, the option of term and condition will come, there you have to click on the agree icon.

  • Now you have to enter your Aadhaar card number, then after clicking on generate OTP option, an OTP will come on your mobile number, after filling it there, click on validate option.
  • By doing this, KYC will be completed from your Aadhar card, after that you will have to do KYC of PAN card through video calling,
  • Now click on the option of start video verification Then whatever permission is asked from you, you have to give it.
  • paytm credit card apply
  • Now the page of hfc video kyc will open where necessary things will be told for doing video KYC. To do HDFC Video KYC, you must have original PAN card and white paper, on which you have to sign with a blue color pen. Now go ahead by clicking on the Proceed option.
  • Now the page of kyc gateway will open, after ticking all the boxes, you have to click on the option of retry permission.
  • Now select the tick box icon under the option of prepare for the video call, then click on the option of iam ready.
  • Now, HDFC customer care official will talk to you over video call. After checking your complete details, HDFC officer on video call will ask you to show the documents required for kyc. If all your documents are verified properly, then the officer will complete your kyc. After few weeks, you will get your paytm hdfc credit card at your home.


How to Check Paytm Hdfc Credit Card Eligibility?

To check the eligibility of paytm hdfc credit card, open the paytm app, then search the credit card option in the search bar, then open the credit card option. Now fill all your details there and submit it, after sometime your paytm hdfc credit eligibility will be checked.

What Are the Documents Required to Apply for Paytm Hdfc Credit Card.

To apply for paytm hdfc credit card, pan card, Aadhaar card, mobile number associated with Aadhaar card and signature on white blank paper are required.

What is the charges of paytm hdfc credit card.

There are no charges for applying Paytm Hdfc Credit Card, but every year you will have to pay an annual fee of ₹ 1000.


Today, we taught hdfc paytm credit card apply procedure, through which you can get a lot of cashback by shopping online. After applying hdfc paytm credit card, you have to take care of some things such as, you will have to pay extra charges while booking train tickets with credit card, and you will have to pay separate charges for withdrawing money from atm. There are many such things, which can be found out by reading their Term and condition.

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