Alight Motion is such a video editing app, in which many features have been given for free, so that anyone can edit their videos in the best way. In this app, there is an option to apply stylish font, through which attractive lyrics can be given in the video.

Although many fonts are given free in it, but today we will give you some premium alight motion fonts download links by using which you can make your video very attractive.

Alight Motion Fonts Download 2023

What are alight Motion fonts?

Using alight Motion effect Fonts, you can apply a variety of stylish fonts for alight motion to your video. These fonts are available in different colors and sizes, using which you can give a new look to your video.

How to Add Stylish Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion?

  • Foremost, download the alight Motion Hindi fonts or English fonts from the link given below.
  • After alight motion fonts download, find them inside the file manager. Then uncompressed the alight motion font pack, by doing this your fonts file will be decompressed.
  • If you do not see the option of uncompressed, then DECOMPRESS these alight motion font pack by downloading the WinRAR file from the Play Store.
  • Now open alight motion app then click on plus icon and select 16:9 ratio.
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  • Next create a new project then click on the plus icon then click on the text icon.
    photo 6242121467768714092 y
  • Now click on the roboto regular option then click on the option of view all fonts.
  • After this click on three dot line option then click on import font option then choose the fonts which you have downloaded.
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  • By doing this all hindi alight motion font pack added in the app.

Stylish Alight Motion Fonts Download links

Bassy Fonts

bassy is one of the best fonts, in which a little gap is seen in between each alphabet. Apart from this, it is also easy to read these fonts.

stephen type

stephen fonts look exactly like handwritten fonts. Such fonts are usually used for signatures, but you can use these fonts on videos as well.


These fonts seem to be painted with a brush, that’s why these fonts look great on cartoon videos.

vamire war fonts

These stylish fonts for alight motion are big and bold size fonts. Due to which, it can be read very easily on the video. These fonts are called vamire fonts because their alphabets are slanted at every corner.

Ruthligos font

ruthligos are stylish fonts, whose alphabets are fine to see.

remachine script

The alphabets of remachine fonts are thin and large in size which can be easily read on any video.

fall in love fonts

These fonts are very stylish and design is available in every alphabet of these fonts. These fonts are usually seen on love videos.

Destoria fonts

Destoria are fine and thin fonts, which cover very little space after being placed on the video.

San Diego

San Diego are mostly used alight motion fonts for lyric edits because these are attractive and bold font, which is of zigzag shape.

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