Welcome back friends, now days many people use airtel sim but for some reason some of those people start facing airtel internet problem due to which they start having problem in calling and using internet, So today we will tell you five best airtel network issue solution. By which you will be able to fix your Airtel network issue easily. To know airtel network issue solution, read our post from beginning to end.

Airtel Network Issue Solution List

Check Network Signal Strength

  • To fix the Airtel network problem, first you have to open the main setting of the phone, there you will see the search option on the top, there you have to search by typing sim card status.
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  • After searching, the option of SIM card status will appear, open it.
  • There you have to check the signal strength of Airtel sim, if the value of network strength of your Airtel sim is lower, your Airtel network signal will work better, currently our network signal strength is running -105 dBm 35 ASU which is good.s
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  • If your Airtel signal strength value is high, then you can follow the steps given below by us.

IST Solution – Boost Airtel Network Signal Strength

  • Foremost you have to put airtel sim in first slot and  then  open Play Store and download the force LTE app there, the link of that app we have also given below.
  • After downloading, open the force LTE app and select the option of sim 1 there.
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  • The icon of smsc will appear at the bottom, with that you have to click on both update and refresh options. After clicking, your network will be refreshed. By doing this, your Airtel network issue will be fixed.
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2nd Solution-Make New APN Setting

  • First of all you have to go to the main setting of the phone.
  • After going there, click on the option of wireless and network.
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  • Then click on the option of mobile network
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  • After that the  select the option named access point.
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  • Now you have to create a new apn setting for airtel sim, for this you have to click on the option of 3dot line on the top.
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  • After  that click on new apn option.
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  • Then copy paste the following apn setting and fill it in the new apn setting.
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Name Airtel Trubo
UsernameSpeed ​​Turbo
Server www.google.com
Authentication Typepap
Apn Typedefault,supl
Apn Protocol IP4/ IP6
Bearer Select Lte Option
  • after that you have to save the new apn setting by clicking on the tick icon from the top. After that use that newly created APN setting.
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  • By doing just this, the airtel network issue will be resolved.

3rd Solution -Disable Automatic Network Selection

  • For this, you have to open the main setting of the mobile again, then go to the option of wireless and network there.
  • Then click on the option of mobile network.
  • Then go to the carrier option of airtel sim
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  • After that, you have to turn off the automatic  option.
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  • Then the list of all network signals will come, there you have to select the airtel network. After few seconds the airtel network will be registered, by doing this your airtel network problem will be fixed.
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4th Solution – Buy Mobile Signal Booster device

if you are still facing Airtel network issue  after using all the above methods, then to fix it you can buy mobile signal booster by which network signal can be increased. Mobile Signal Booster can be bought both online and offline, its price may be more or less according to the company but you will get it between ₹2000 to ₹3000. Using this device your airtel network problem will be fixed.

5th Solution – Contact Airtel Customer Care

  • If the above-mentioned method does not resolve your Airtel network problem, you can call 198 Airtel network complaint number.
  •  198 which works in every state, if you want customer care number of your state then by Clicking on This Link you can get Airtel customer care number of your state.


by using that  airtel network issue solution  you can fix your airtel sim problem, airtel tower problem and airtel sim no service problem and that methods also works on bsnl network problem and vi network problem. If you need any help in fixing airtel network problem then you can ask us by commenting below.


What is the Airtel Network Issue Complaint Number?

Airtel network issue complaint number  is 198. if you want to talk to the customer care of your state, then you can see the customer care number of your state by clicking on this link.

How to Fix Airtel Internet Issue?

You can fix airtel internet issue by using Airtel Trubo apn setting.

Why Airtel Sim Showing No Service?

If your airtel sim is not showing any service then there can be 3 reasons for this, in first reason airtel sim is showing no service due to unavailability of network, secondly airtel sim is not getting recharged for a long time. The sim may have been disabled by the company, third reason could be a problem with your phone’s hardware.

How to Fix Airtel Tower Problem?

Due to the airtel tower problem, the network of airtel sim is very low, for this  you can use mobile signal booster device to solve this problem.

Why Airtel Mobile Data Not Working ?

If airtel mobile data is not working in your sim, then you have to re-create airtel’s apn setting, after setting setting, switch off and restart the mobile, your airtel mobile data problem will be solved.

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